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Chapter 1484: Third Group II


Ellen Flew back and barely able to stop herself from the five meters away from the forcefield, Rachel and Jonathan had taken out the big guns, and now they want to finish the fight as soon as possible.

While they are dealing with Elina just fine, Elijah is just as troublesome as before. Since the battle started, he did not launch even a single attack; he is just dodging them very closely, at centimeter distance sometimes.

His speed is unbelievable, despite being attacked by the two' Monsters.' Not a single attack was able to touch him, which is incredible.

I could see the grace he is moved when he dodged the attack; his control over his Physical Body and Energy is amazing; he is barely wasting any energy when he moved while having total control over his surrounding.

I suspect he uses some skill like 'Sensory Field,' and its range is about five meters, as only when the attacked entered his five meters range does he move.

I am quite excited watching the battle; it is the first time seeing the 'Monsters' revealing their strength, and I have to say, they did not disappoint me at all.

Every move of them shook the arena; if Elina had not been good, she would have been crushed within a second, not lasted several minutes.

Suddenly, Rachel and Jonathan launched an attack, and instead of attacking both Elijah and Elina like they always did, it only attacked Elina, and this attack of them is far more powerful than all the attacks they have launched before.


Both of the attacks crashed across Elina's shield and sent her crashing at the forcefield; she tried to stop the momentum, but the attack's power is too great, and the distance between her and forceful was too small for her to do anything.

While she crashed on the forcefield, the shield she is using held on, though it is flickering as it was about to run out of power, its ability to hold against monsters' powerful attacks is a big thing.

Elina slid out of the forcefield with a bloodied mouth and crushed expectation; seeing her like that, I couldn't help but feel sad. Though I know it will happen when I saw the members of her group, I still couldn't help but feel sad about it.

Now, only three remained in the arena, both Rachel, Jonathan, and Elijah. Rachel and Jonathan are looking at Elijah smiling face intensely; earlier, when they attacked Elina, he had a chance to launch the attack on them, but he did not; he just watched them.

"Jonathan, why don't you help me defeat Rachel? It will be a lot quicker than both of you trying to defeat me, and I don't think you can defeat me before three hours are over," Elijah asked directly while still having a soft smile on his face.

His words may sound arrogant, but they are true; his speed is amazing, and this might not be his peak speed; there is a very high chance that he might be hiding a lot more strength or he is using his highest strength and

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