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Chapter 1491 - Ellen Vs Victor II

Ellen is running wearing holy white long grown without any problem, and the only piece of weaponry she has is the holy while sword that she named 'Purification' for some strange reason.

Not many people know about the name of her sword; she had told me years ago when I had met her during her engagement to Madeline.

"Doom Blizzard!"

Victor shouted as she reached close to Ellen, and just as he did, his Spear spear was covered in a blizzard with snow flowing around it and lighting flashing; that's not the only thing that happened.

The phantom of the blizzard that appeared behind me became real, and now it looked like he is holding the power of the whole blizzard with him.

As he reached next to Ellen, he swung his spear as he did; the whole blizzard behind his back also moved toward Ellen.

The attack is very powerful, radiating a similar level of power as Storm Sphear that he attacked Sophia with yesterday.

It looked like a delicate flower that Ellen looked like would be crushed under this powerful blizzard, seeing that some people in the crowd closed their eyes, not wanting delicate-looking ellen getting splattered on the forcefield.

A laugh couldn't help released from my mouth, seeing that these people have no idea what Ellen is. She is no delicate flower; she is a gigantic tree full of thorns that even the strongest monster won't go near it in fear of getting eaten by it.

"Holy Cleave,"

Ellen gently said and moved her gently glowing sword toward the coming attack, and soon, her sword came in contact with the blizzard that was in front of the victor sword, and her sword came in contact with it; it cleaved through it.

People could see a storm cut into the two people and separate left and right as her sword moved toward the victor. Victor tried to reinforce the blizzard, but despite it getting powerful, Ellens's sword still cut through it.


Soon, her sword cut through the blizzard that covering the victor spear and clashed with it; as it did, the blizzard covering his spear whisk away, leaving a n.a.k.e.d spear and slightly shaken victor.

The attack seemed to cost Ellen also as well as the gentle, holy glow on her sword vanished too, but it came back the next second as she retracted her sword and launched the attack again.

Victor was shocked but reacted immediately and attacked as well and this time with more power.


They begin to clash; their clash was so powerful that their attacks have begun to cause faint ripples across the forcefield, which had never happened before in the championship.

The forcefield is Tyrant level, but it is configured such a way that when the shockwave or attack reached certain heights, it would ripple, the powerful attack is greater ripple it will have, but no matter how much power they could bring, the Kings will never be able to break it.

Even normal Tyrants could not

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