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Chapter 1477 - Top 100 IV

"Winner is Micheal Zaar," Marla announced; her voice did not have the usual enthusiasm; the words felt like forced.


While Marla may not have liked the way I win that she did not bother to fake the enthusiasm; the crowd, on the other hand, loved my performance; they loved it so much that they brough out the biggest cheer the Arena had produced in this Championship.

There is a crowd meter projecting on the west side of the Arena; it shows how loud the crowd had cheered, and they cheered 30% louder than the loudest cheer they had made till now.

I first time wanted to wave at the crowd, but I did not, it is not the battle I am proud of, though I had taken some of my revenge and felt quite good about it, I am not proud of it, if not for me taking revenge, I would not have fought this way.

Soon, I entered the participant's area and found Mira appearing in front of me and hugging me. "I am sorry, I did not try to know your past," She said softly in my ears as she hugged me.

"Its okay, you did not know," I said back; she soon let go of the hug, and after giving me a look that said we would talk later, she went back to her place.

The audience loved to see the romantic moments in the Arena in Championship as they loved to see the revenge battles as they cheered for me even more loudly than before. While the audience had cheered for me, I did not get any applause from the participant's area.

Most of the participants are looking at me angrily, especially those from the Sky Saber; they are looking at me like they want to murder me, only Racheal, Sarah, and Samual looking at me with different gazes.

I could even see the shame in Rachel's eyes as she looked at me apologetically; seeing her looking at me like that, I smiled at her. It is not her fault Ive suffered; it is due to thinking of small people who had too big of an ego.

I smiled back at my friends who were giving me encouraging smiles and went back to my seat.

"Wow, you have completely demolished him; this will be a great shame for the small person like him," Elina commented as she pressed her hands on mine in support.

"Your words have hit the Sky Saber's heart, and given their personality, they will not let this go lightly; they will not only try something against you but also against your organization as well," Mary said beside me.

"I know, but those words needed to be said," I replied, and she nodded in understanding. My words were not only for Sky Saber but against other Supremes and powerful organizations as well.

As for what Sky Saber will do, I will see what happens. If they succeeded in killing me, then it will be my mistake of not being careful enough or progress fast; as for what they will do to the Academy, unfortunately, their options are limited.

The Academy is protected by the accords that were signed more than three thousand years ago, which legally binds Wisdom Tow

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