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Chapter 1482: Empire Of Mist II

"Empire of Mist," Matron Mavis said in slight surprise; nearly everyone who is watching is shocked seeing it; the most shocked are the ones from the Mistson; they looked they could not believe the thing that is happening in front of them.

Other people only saw an illusionary trick of Mist, but these people saw something else.

"Mavis, do you remember that battle when Lord Leonard Mars used Empire of Mist?" Patriarch Bradford said, his voice sounded quite emotional.

Other's got quite surprised hearing his emotional voice as; usually, it is neutral, there is also a respectable tone in his voice when he said 'Lord Mars,' he is one of the most powerful men of the world, more powerful than leaders of Supremes and Pyramid, whom he called 'Little boy, little girl' without much respect.

"Of course I remember, four hundred years ago The First Great War we both fought,"

"The last battle of Parched Great War, the Grimm Monsters were massacring us like grasses, it would have been complete Massacre of us if not for Lord Mars using Empire of Mist using every shred of his lifeforce, the Grimm Monsters would have massacred us to last life," Matron Mavis said with very emotional voice.

"Yes, the Empire of Mist that Lord Mars used was glorious," Patriarch Bradford said with a sigh before looked directly into the eyes of Mistson, who had a proud expression on his face as Leonard Mars that these old monsters are talking with respect was his direct ancestor.

"What are you feeling proud for the brat? If Lord Mars had been in your place, he would have cut off the tumor that fostering in his body even if it had cost him his arms,"

"That man has the courage while you lot could only squabble in your petty politics," Patriarch Brandford snaped before he turned to watch the arena.

"Little Lenora, this little girl is the second person since Lord Mars inheriting Empire of Mist, right?" Patriarch Brandfort asked the middle-aged woman beside him, who is also the current leader of the Bloodsum.

"Yes, Patriarch, after four hundred only two people able to bring out Empire of Mist, first was Annabel Michealson who you know what happened to and this is Joana Michealson, her niece," Lenora informed respectfully.

"We also think that it is because her aunt Annabel Charleston is responsible for awakening Empire of Mist from her Inheritance," she added.

"Empire of Mist always needed the help of those who possess it to awaken but even with the help, barely one person as the century was able to awaken it." "Lord Mars had awakened it on his own, and so did this Annabel Charlson,"

"Mistson would have had another great leader like Lord Mars since its creation; very few people able to awaken Empire of Mars on their own and those who did become exceptional leaders of their generation," Patriarch Bradford said softly before his eyes became intense that made the middle-aged women shudder visibly

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