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Chapter 1493 - Conviction

"You, h"

Victor let out a word from his mouth finally, and he was about to continue when he found Ellen in front of him, one moment, she was at her place, and the next moment she appeared in front of him as if she teleported and swung her sword at him.

Seeing the sword, he stopped talking and controlled his emotions as he swung the sword.

He might be in shock seeing his greatest move being countered, but he is a seasoned warrior who had fought hundreds of life and death battles, which taught him many things.

One most important thing his experience taught him, that battles aren't over till your head is not flying in the air or your heart stopped beating, so he would continue to fight.

She may have countered his strongest move and made his steps back, but he did not believe he had lost completely yet; using such a powerful move must have cost her dearly, and she would not be able to use such a move for a long time.

The only this he has to do is hold on, use every bit of energy he has, and outlast her, and he will win.

There is a big change that seemed to have appeared on Victor's face; from the expressions of him, his face now had the expression of conviction as if he truly believes he will win against Ellen.

The change suddenly made me think the buddy had used some self hypnotizing technique on himself.

Many people use them, and organizations trained their students in such a technique as thousands of years of research shows such techniques are very useful, Academy also teaches them, and I had used a couple of their classes.

While having a conviction is very important, power is important too; let's see if Victor has the power to back up his conviction.


Their weapons clashed again, creating an all-powerful shockwave and sending Victor stepping back again. This time, Ellen did not give Victor even a moment of rest; as he began to take a step back, she appeared beside him and attacked again.

Ellen has become merciless; after each attack, she appeared next to him and attacked again and again, and all Victor could do is defend even after having three powerful storms on his back, and the thing is, Ellen seemed to be doing it effortlessly.

She does not seem to be under any stress; one could not see even a bead of sweat on her compared to Victor, who is completely drenched in the sweat, but this could be a façade, a lot of Inheritances could create such façade.

While others may think it is a façade but I do not think so; this battle is straining of Ellen but not that straining; I know her enough that I can tell she is still, hiding quite a lot of power.

This couldn't help but put a smile on my face; my friend did not disappoint me at all, she is a really powerful 'Super Monster,' now I just hope that I will get to fight this super monster in the championship.

While Ellen is launching her merciless attack, beating Vict

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