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Chapter 1486 - Forth Group II

A fifty-meter diameter storm sphere appeared above the Victor; this Sphere seemed to have contained the Ice storm inside it; one could city destroying the snow waves and powerful lightning that could smile anything come in its wat.

The whole Ice storm gathered in a fifty-meter ball, and Victor brough it down toward the coming fiery tsunami.

At the same time, a hundred-meter-long phantom of an angel holding a huge greatsword appeared behind Sarah; as the angel fully appeared, it cleaves down his sword toward the coming tsunami.


The crowd completely lost their mind seeing such powerful attacks; the attacks of such grand scale had never appeared before in this Championship.

Everyone got mesmerized by the scale of the attacks and the aura they are radiating; it is the first time the 'Monster' showed what destruction they could bring with a single attack.

In the last battle, monsters showed their strength, but it was the small scale; the attacks they used were powerful but not flashy. This time, the attacks are very powerful but also very Grand.

The Storm Sphere and Angel's Sword moved toward the coming tsunami, the crowd and we watched in bated breath, the clash will be mindblowing, and I don't want to miss any of it.

I want to analyze every bit of their attack; there are quite good chances that I will face winners of this match in the Top 10.


A booming sound rang out as the attacks clashed and everything became colorful, and the powerful energies begin to clash against each other.

The battle's view had been completely obstructed by the energies, and I had to activate a couple of my optical methods to see what is happening inside it.

There is complete chaos in there, the energies and clashing toward each other while participants donned in defensive methods moved toward each other.

The clashing of the powerful energies made everything very dangerous inside that three of them activated their defensive methods right before the clash, and it is a wise decision.

The chaotic energies produced by the clash are powerful enough to injure them and not to forget the shockwave. Though most of the shockwave had been absorbed, some of its power remained inside, which is enough to tear even powerful Kings to the fine pieces.


Few seconds had passed, and chaotic energy hadn't been cleared yet when sounds of battle begin to come out from the area. The chaotic energies had been cleared considerably that one could see blurry shapes through it.

This time, they did not use grand moves but begin fighting the close combat, but the power behind their attacks is no less amazing.

Both Victor and Sarah are attacking Sophia in the sync, not letting her launch a single attack.

With the blur of chaotic energy, their battle looked amazing; it looked like a three-shadowy figure fighting the battle of life and de

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