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Chapter 1476 - Sweet Revenge V



I had been crazily smashing him on the ground due to him having powerful healing energy when suddenly, I felt another strange energy coming from deep inside him. This strange energy has a similar feeling as the strange healing energy, but it is not healing energy.

It came in flood and spread through every part of his body, strengthening it; I could feel every fiber of his body getting stronger, not only that the inheritance energy flowing in his body is also getting thicker.

'Did my beating really brough out some hidden potential or ability of his?' I questioned myself as I saw the two hidden energy working side by side; one is healing him while the other is making him stronger.

Its good this something like this had happened, I was getting slightly bored by repeatedly beating him without getting much of the resistance from him, and now with the energy, there will be some resistance; I hope it will be stronger.

As the second energy began to flow into his body, he stopped creating resistance. He stopped trying to tear my vines apart, likely wanting to consolidate the benefits of the strange energy before making any move.

I hope he did not more than two and a half minutes for it; seven minutes have already passed, and only three minutes remained before the referee intervene and stopped the battle.

They have not done that yet because I had kept the damage to him minimal, and he was resisting my binds, but when the ten minutes are over and he still in binds, the referee will stop the match and declare me the winner.

I do not want that to happen; I want to win the battle on my terms and give him two and half minutes to consulate this new energy which is making him stronger; if he did not act in two and half minutes, I would finish the battle, on my own terms.


Seconds passed by, and I continued beating him across the arena's floor, testing his increasing strength and adjusting the force of my attacks according to it.

As I continued beating him, I couldn't help but get jealous of the speed his strength was increasing.

Whatever that energy is, it is amazing; within a minute, it had increased his strength by a huge margin, and it is continuously increasing as I kept beating him on the floor.

I had thought it would be continued increasing forever when it stopped after a little more than two minutes, and right the next moment, it had launched his biggest assault against my vines.


He screamed out loudly, and at an exact moment, thick bolts of lightning came out of him, so is the razor-sharp wind. It begins to come out of him and started to attack the vines.

Cling Cling Cling

Sharp, glassy sounds begin to ring out across my vines as he attacked it, but even the dangerous-looking thick lightning was not able to do anything against my vines; they are not even able to make a scratch across i

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