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Chapter 1481: Empire Of Mist I

"The members of the First group are Milo Jackson of Wisdom Tower, Arnold Roshan of Mistson, Jules Watts of Gilded Palace, Marium Watson of Silverstone Academy, and Joana Michealson of Mistson," Marla called out the name.


I couldn't help but sigh at the luck of my cousin, till now; she had displayed the average strength, but luckily she had won every match, but it seemed like her lucky streak will come to an end at this battle.

There are two 'Monsters' in her group, Milo Jackson of Wizdom Tower and Arnold Roshan of the Mistson, who belong to the same organization as her, but it will not help her even she had a good relationship with him which she did not.

This Arnold Roshan also belonged to the enemy faction, The Agustus Family, and I am sure he will try to eliminate her as soon as possible.

"Your cousin is really unlucky; it will not take more than a minute for a battle to finished," She said.

She is right to think that, other three participants, including my cousin, are powerful but not powerful enough to contend against 'Monster,' and they will be facing two 'Monsters' instead of one.

The battle will take few seconds to finished if two monsters acted together, and they will act together if the looks they are giving each other is any proof.

I would have thought the same if not for my mother repeatedly telling me that 'Joana' is weak as she seems; even in mornings call, my mother sounded strangely confident of Joana reaching the Top 10.

"Her defeat is not set in stone; she might surprise you and everyone," I said with a smile, feeling quite excited about seeing the reason for my mother's strange confidence in Joana.

The five of them landed on the markers on the arena; these start markers have put them at an equal distance from each other, they have put the markers so no participants could get the slightest advantage.


A few seconds later, the countdown started, five of them looking at each other, making alliances with just glances. Milo and Arnold, smiling at each other, not even trying to hide the fact that they are planning on corporating with each other in the battle.


"Sundering Slashes!" "Ice Cleaving!"

As the audience shouted, all of them summoned their Inheritance Armor; just as Inheritance Armor appeared on Milo and Arnold's body, both of them launched an attack.

Both of them released three slashes at once; Milo's attack is yellow in color, giving a powerful head, while Arnold's attack is the opposite; it is cold.

I had known Arnold is from an enemy faction of Michealson's, but I did not think he would attack directly; not only it would show their organization in a bad light, but it will also make their feud greater with Michealson's faction, but seeing the direct attack from Leonard, it looked like Michealson faction have become too weak, and they want to crush it in front of the whole world.

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