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Chapter 1483 - Third Group I

"Empire Of Mist, it was quite a surprise," I said with a smile while still feeling shocked inside.

I had studied the powerful methods, arts, weapons, Inheritance of all the organizations, and 'Empire Of Mist' is Mistsons most powerful Art, Grand Art technically.

It is extremely powerful, and barely anyone could get it; my mother was the last person who got it after more than four hundred years, and now Joana got it, she will be very hard to kill once she became a tyrant.

What Joana just revealed is a fraction of what Empire of Mist could do; only Tyrants could reveal its true power.

"Really, you have no idea of your cousin having Empire of Mist? Which she had likely awakened with the help of your mother," Elina asked incredulously while pointing at the residual mist in the arena.

"Though I had some idea of her having a powerful trump card, my mother had herself told me about it, but I did not expect it to be Empire of Mist," I said and clapped as Joana and Milo came back to the participant's area.

"Wow, it is quite a battle; it would have been even more amazing if all you were able to see it," Marla jocked, drawing out a laugh from the crowd.

Only Tyrants like her were able to see the real battle, while people like us had to do by sensing the aura. Even with all my abilities, I was only able to see the blur in the mist; that does not mean I would be defenseless against the mist.

As I have said, I have studied the Supremes extensively, and If I were to fight against Joana, even if she gets similar strength as me, I would not be defenseless against the mist; I have moves that would help deal with the mist, at partially.

"Now, let's move to the second group and hope they will give us a better show than the previous one," Marla said, and a screen with twenty participants' images appeared in front of her.

The images began to shuffle up, and a few seconds later, five images tumbled out to the other side.

"Why?" I complained as I saw the names of the second ground; there will be no battle, the two people will finish the battle before it even started. Even crowed knows it, which is they have drowned out a complaining noise the participants from the second group.

Even Marla looked a little ashamed seeing the names before she schooled her expressions that of the excited person.

"The Participants of the second group are Ellen Ashford of Crystal Domination, Jillian St Palen of Hawthorn Sea, Philip Miles of Wisdom Tower, Tony Prince of Sky Saber, and Larry Harrel of Blazing Spear," she announced,

A minute later, Ellen and Jill came back to the participant's area; in the battle, Jill did even lift her weapons; Ellen released three attacks and sent her opponents crashing on the forcefield.

"Well, it finished quicker than we had expected," Marla said awkwardly, and the crowd snorted; there was nothing unexpected in the battle; everyone expected three of

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