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Chapter 1507 - Break II

"The seeds this time are better than I had imagined; if they can mature, we will have fewer things to worry about the coming war," Said Patriance Bradford with a sigh.

"They have to mature first, Bradford, remember what happened one ninety years ago," Matron replied, hearing her; another sigh couldn't help but escape from the lips of the Patriance Bradfords lips as remember that incident.

About two hundred years ago, during the Achilles Great War, the Grimm Monsters were able to assassinate 80% of Elites of that generation's Championship, and they did it within three days.

He still remembers that day, his senior Sir Vans had marched into the Pyramid and gripped the neck of the leader of Pyramid for his grave oversight; the leader had resigned that day, and it was good he did, the one who took his place after that was quite capable and was able to salvage the war.

Still, since that day, another layer of screening was added when selecting the leader of the Pyramid. They not only need to have the strength to hold their position but also need to have a tactical mind too.

This precedence was available before, Ramona Hawthorn, in her great overhaul of Pyramid, had made sure of that, but over the years, it had whittled away; even perfect things would regress over time.

"The leader this time is not like that idiot; this little girl from Crystal Domination is quite capable," Patriarch Bradford said, looking at the current leader of Pyramid.

"Hmmm!" Matron Mavis hummed in affirmation before she turned to him.

"What do you think of my student?" Matron asked.

"She is quite good; she had not let her Inheritance down," Patriarch Bradford commented; he had over four hundred years of experience; he can see things that others could not.

"How do you think she will fare against the others?" Matron asked back; he gave her a look before he opened his mouth.

"She will be able to defeat that brat from Rivefield Academy and that little girl from Windgod Temple after revealing part of her real strength," "These two are powerful and have the same potential as your student, but these two will need some time to get the same strength as your student," He stopped for a second.

"The real challenge you student have is from that girl from Crystal Domination and that brat from Sundering Peak," "The Bloodline of this Crystal girl is extremly powerful, I think barely any bloodline of this caliber had appeared in our world and strength she will reveal will be shocking,"

"On the other hand that Brat from Sundering Peak is a complete mystery, but I could feel he is very strong, strong as you student but from some reason, I am very different vibe from him, that is making me have an intense dislike for him," Patriance Branford commented and looked at Mavis, it is first he had spoken about his feelings to Mavis.

"You are feeling the same too?" Mavis asked in surprise, and I nodded; seeing

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