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Chapter 1492 - Ellen Vs Victor III

Bang Bang Bang

The blizzard chan stuck against one after another, each time using more and more power, but he could not break it; the only thing he was able to do was to make a ripple across the veil.

The attack is not weak; it could be said each strike of the chain is like struck by a blizzard, but the problem is that the defensive method of Ellen is too strong.

Ellen, on the other hand, quietly watching the blizzard chain striking across the veil, not lifting the sword in her hand even for a bit; if she wanted to, she could easily counter the chain with her sword, but she let veil do the defending.

Victor tried for a couple of more times before he stopped, and Ellen also diffused her shield, seeing Victor diffusing his attack.

"Hehe, you are stronger than I had imagined," "It looked like there will be no holding back against you," Victor said; a slight regret could be heard from his voice like he did not want to reveal all his trump cards yet.

"So be it, if I have to reveal my full power to win against you, I will do it," he said with a sigh, and next second, a change occurred behind him, a phantom of two storms appeared behind him.

One is familiar Blizzard, but the other is Sand Storm, which he had never revealed before. I am shocked as the crowd revealed the Sand Storm; like everyone else, I thought his bloodline is related to a powerful Blizzard-type beast, but it looked like it is not; there is much more he hadn't revealed yet.

"Twin Storm!"

He said and came toward Ellen; as he did, the phantoms of the storms behind him materialized, and two storms covered his spear as well.

The attack of him looked extremely powerful, so powerful that even without a clash, the forcefield covering the arena began to ripple; he looked like a walking storm that would destroy anything that would come in his path.

"Holy Blade!"

Ellen said, and sword twice as big her materialized behind her before it fused with her totem artifact; as it fused, she swung her sword toward Victor's coming attack.


Their weapons clashed loudly and created a forcefield so powerful that even lower-level members of the top would get killed by it, and when it clashed against the forcefield, it let out a large ripple across it, and that is just a starting.


As they clashed, Ellen took back her sword and attacked again with double the speed, and Victor matched it with a laugh as he swung his spear again.

The defeaning sounds of their clash spread through the whole arena and releasing shockwaves that created nonstop ripples across the whole arena.

The crowd is watching the battle with utter silence; the level of the battle had blown their mind; this battle is on level or even level above the final battle of the last Championship.

The moves used by the two participants are too great; they have blown everyone's mind. I am sure e

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