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Chapter 1504 - Mira Vs. Raina I


As the Angel crashed on the forcefield, the millions of crowd stood up from their spot and cheered loudly; they cheered so loud that they had broken the record they had made a few minutes ago.

Hearing such joyful cheers, I couldn't help but wave my gigantic hands at them before I begin to suck back the vines inside me.

At the same moment, the vines came inside me; the giant Angel also turned to energy, and Sarah revealed herself. She is standing by the forcefield with her mouth bloodied; some blood also could be seen on her hands and legs.

The last attack was pretty powerful; even if I used the side of the sword and not the edge, it is still powerful seeing the amount of energy I had poured into the weight enchantment of my sword.

Sarah is now looking at me with complicated emotions in her eyes; all the fury she had earlier is gone; there is nothing of that had remained in her eyes.

For a moment, I had thought she would not be able to accept defeat and became more furious and attack me crazily, but nothing of that sort had happened; she is silent with complicated emotions running through her heart.

"The Winner is Micheal Zaar!" Marla announced, drawing out another round of defeaning cheers from the crowd.

"Congratulations on winning, Micheal; I accept my defeat," Sarah said as she walked to the other side of the arena with a forlorn expression on her face.

I looked at for a second before I flew toward the participant's area with a smile; the battle was beyond amazing, her increasing power had made it very interesting, far more interesting than I had throught it would when I entered the arena fifty minutes ago.

Clap Clap Clap

As I flew into the participant's area, I was greeted with the standing approach and calculated eyes, even my girlfriend looking at me those eyes, thinking how will she beat me if we were to battle.

I smiled at them and sat back on my chair; this battle had made little tired. So, I took a couple of stead breaths and closed my eyes. I would have to fight one more battle or two if things changed, so I have to be at my peak condition, as the opponents from now would be even stronger.

"We rarely able to see such battle; the strength shown by these Elites is more than enough to contend against the Emperors," Marla said, drawing out some surprised gasps from the crowd.

Forget the normal Emperors, but we will even able to even fairly powerful Emperors; the current strength of the Top 10 is far from what a normal Emperor could contend, even Joana with her Empire of Mist, will not have a problem in defeating a bunch of normal Emperors.

Marla had had far too understated our abilities, likely to save the ego of the Emperor Stage powerhouses that are watching.

"Now it is time for the final battle of Top 10, Mira Alexander of Mistson Vs. Raina Addington of Bloodsun," Marla announced the name of two

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