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Chapter 1615 - A Good Stab

"Human, it seemed like I have to use my most powerful move to kill you," The Blackbear roared while looking at me with hate.

It did not seem to want to use that move; using that move will mean showing the others its limit, and no one wanted others to know how powerful they are exactly; I am also no exception to that fact.

Still, it now has no choice but to use all its strength to defeat me; with so many people watching, it is a thing of honor to it, if it backed down now, all the honor it had earned fighting the humans would be lost, and it might even get punished by its tribe.

"Goreas Blessing!" It said piously in an almost whisper-like voice, and as it said it, the Phantom of huge Black Bearman appeared behind it, and it looked a lot more vivid.

If normal people looked at the Phantom, they would find it real instead of being Phantom made of energies.

Unlike last time, I did not directly look into phantoms eyes, but despite that, I felt huge pressure and feeling powerlessness emerged from my heart that wanted me to give up.

Heeding that feeling, I nearly given up, loosen the sword from my hand before suddenly coming to myself.

'F.u.c.k!' I couldn't help but curse inside me; the compulsion is f.u.c.k.i.n.g strong; if not for my strong will, I would have given my, and that would have been disastrous for me, I would have become fish on the block for the Bearman's hammer to crushed into the paste.

It is a good thing that the Phantom behind the lasted only for a moment before it entered the Bearman's body.

As the Phantom entered the Black Bearman's body, the changes begin to occur on it. Runes began to appear on the Bloodline Armor of it, and Bloodline Armor begins to thin out, becoming more delicate.

The blazing aura begins to turn mute till I sensed no aura from it, and this continued for about five seconds when a faint aura begins to release from its body.

'F.u.c.k!' I cursed, sensing that aura and activated 'Everwings' without hesitation as I did; strength like never before begin to course through me, and I wanted to attack it immediately, but I did not.

I did not attack not because there is any danger but because I want it at its full power.

One barely comes across such an opponent, and I want to fight it at its full strength. Though it is not a wise design, I had already waited enough and would not lose if I had waited some more.

I had already rushed the fight, and if I rushed more, the battle would not be enjoyable.

Let it increase its power as much as it wants; I know I will be a final winner.

"Hehe, Human now bear the strength of Goreas Bloodline," It said with laugh with itself infused with power than, each of word it spoke felt like a powerful punch at my head.

The moment it had finished speaking, it launched the attack and seeing the attack, I had wasted not time harnessing nearly all the power of the 'First Boost+Everwing

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