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Chapter 1610 - Six Energy Formula

I am shocked to see myself succeeding on the first try; though I had expected to succeed this time, I had not expected to succeed the first time, it is quite a surprise.

I quickly calmed down from the surprise of breaking through the sixth floor and started to build momentum for the seventh floor.

Though I know it will be extremely hard to break through the seventh floor, I want to give it a try; the benefits of reaching the seventh floor are too great not to give it a try.


I build momentum for more than a minute before I let it strike against the base of the seventh floor. The momentum struck across the base but not a scratch appeared on it; I was not surprised seeing it but still couldn't help but feel slightly disappointed.

Bang Bang Bang

I did not stop after my first failure; instead, I tried again and again, building greater and greater momentum but all my efforts were for naughts as even after trying more than fifty times, I failed to make the faintest mark.

After more than fifty tries, I decided to give up and focused on the thing I have to do after opening up the sixth floor.

I peered into my runes and dug out the Inheritance Energy formula that I had created quite a long ago. I had created this formula more than a year ago but could not use it due to not reaching the sufficient floor of my Refinement Tower.

Each floor of my Refinement Tower helps me merge the energies of my constitution, like the second level floor helps me merge two energies, and third help me merge three energies, and so on.

My runes could help me merge the energies to create the Inheritance Energy, but the merging process is not as perfect as it is done by my refinement tower.

The Refinement Tower merged the energies so perfectly that the five energy formula merged in Tower is more than 20% stronger than the six energy formulas that I had merged with the help of my runes.

With me reaching the sixth floor, I could merge the six energies, which is great. The formula of six energies I had created is very powerful, many times more powerful than the other Inheritance Energy formulae I had created in the past.

This Inheritance Energy formula is only weaker than the seven energies formula I had created; I will be able to use that formula when I reach the seventh floor of the Tower; till then, I will use this amazing six energies formula.


Without wasting any time, I had activated that formula, and soon, six color energies begin to gather. As they begin to gather at the base of the Tower, I took them inside and began to refine them through every floor to the sixth floor.

Finally, the energy refined through the sixth floor and moved into the storage. This new Inheritance energy is white in color with a faint silver shine in it. It looked like delicate smoke, but there is steel hidden inside it.

This energy is going to be very powerful, and I wa

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