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Chapter 1593 - Binding and Harvesting

'It is time to finish it,' I thought, and without wasting any time, I acted.

The fiery black ribbons that had wrapped around me opened in the middle like a maw and moved toward the Crocman.

The Crocman's eyes widened seeing the ribbon, but due to it being in its mad stage, instead of running away, it roared and came at me with the dense bloody aura covering its body and soul.


Its huge toothed sword moved at extremly fast speed and power that it can even repel several of the fiery black ribbons, only several among the hundreds that begin to wrap around the giant Crocman.

It barely took a moment for the fiery black ribbons to wrap the Grimm Monster completely that it became incapable of moving even an inch.

As my vines bounded it, a sphere of black flames released from me and completely covered huge bodies and mine Grimm Monster. I could feel the several gazes watching the battle, and I don't want to show what happened next.

Though the ribbons would have been enough to hide what will happen, I want to be extra careful. I am very aware of how sensitive my identity is and what will happen if anyone learns about it.

As the black flaming sphere enveloped us, the rest of the fiery ribbons around me wrapped around its huge body, forming a cocoon with me inside.

I looked at huge Crocman, who is completely bound but still struggling to get out intensely; the madness that was present in its eyes has all but disappeared, and cold hard sanity had returned.


I looked at it for a second before I controlled my ribbons and made them pierce through its body; as they did, it let out the mournful scream. Its a good thing its mouth is bound, and we are wrapped in a cocoon from where no sound could go out.

As the ribbons pierced through its body, a flash of recognization had flashed in its eyes as only my vines could do something like it, and it is one of my identifiers that higher-ups of Grimm Monsters made them memorized.

It was able to recognize me finally and tried to open its mouth to say something, but unfortunately, it couldn't due to ribbons binding it.


I smiled and began the harvesting process; as I did, it started to burn its core for self-destruction, wanting to take me together with it. Regretfully, it is not going to happen; my vines have tightly wrapped around its core, sucking all the energy it is releasing; there is no way I will not let it self-destruct.

Usually, it is quite easy to harvest the essence of Grimm Monsters once they are bound and helpless, but it is not the case when it comes to Bloodline holder; Bloodline interferes a lot during the harvesting process.

Now, I am harvesting at five times less speed than I usually do and concentrating 90% of my efforts on my heart to suck away all the energy it releases. I will have to bear it for few moments; once the Hidden Being and

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