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Chapter 1633 - 95%

The mist is relentless; every time it would get repelled, it would come back with even more force.

'Curses!' I said with a sigh.

The black mist is curse energy, and like all the curses, it is very hard to deal with, especially when you are weaker than it. I should know; I have a very powerful curse hiding inside me.

The curse inside me sentient, and it is rapidly growing powerful. If not for layers of formation and shield that are suppressing it, it would have devoured me by now.

Still, I don't know how long those two will able to hold on, seeing how quickly it is growing powerful. I do not have much time; I will have to strive for Tyrant with my greatest efforts, but how easy it is to become Tyrant.

I shook my head of thoughts as I appear near my destination. At first glance, nothing had seemed to change, the neck looks at before, but when I activated ocular methods ar full power, I have seen very concentrated energies under its skin.

It will not be easy to injure this bastard, but I am confident in myself that I will be able to do it.

So, without wasting any time, I harnessed all the power of 'Second Boost' and attacked.


My curved sword sliced through its neck, and as I had expected, there is great resistance from the first meter of its skin, and my sword went deeper; the resistance started to become greater.

My sword had reached about fifteen meters before it finally stopped; the distance is three times less than what my sword able to each earlier, even after using more power.

Pew Pew Pew

I had just started to remove my sword from the Abominations neck when suddenly, I found hundreds of energy missiles coming toward me, and they are coming from the opposite side of the mouth.

'Well, this is a little unexpected!' I said inside me as I saw tails launching human thick energy missiles.

I just give a look at those missiles as I removed my sword; even if these missiles bigger than energy missiles before and are even more powerful, I do not fear them; I will be fine, even if they crashed on me.

Still, I quickly removed the sword and disappeared from my spot before missiles could hit me and launch the attack on a different side of the neck.

I have to be fast in my attacks; with this overdrive, the healing power of Abomination has increased by the notch, and now, it heals three-meter by the second; it would just need mere five seconds to heal from the injury I had given it.

While I am injuring it while avoiding the energy missiles, other people do not have such a good time.

They are getting hammered by a curse, energy missiles, and Abomination itself, which is moving fast and crushing people with its heavenly pillars like legs; in just a few minutes, a hundred more have disappeared.

This is a great loss, but we could do nothing about it. We do not have the ability or time to protect them all; if we do that, it will take us days

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