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Chapter 1618 - All Out II

First Boost+Everwings+Second Boost

I activated three of boosts together, and an unimaginable strength began to course through me; this strength is something like I had never thought I would have while King Stage; hell, most did not have such power even in Emperor Stage.

As the power coursed through me, I saw a faint diamond sheen covering me again, and this time it is a little dense.

I did know anything about this diamond sheen, though I have some theories but nothing concrete. I will have to look at it thoroughly before I could say anything about it, but that is a thing for later.

The Copper-Maned Lionman's eyes popped out, seeing such a powerful aura bursting out of me.

It is very shocked by my aura, it did not waste any time acting, and a powerful aura burst out of it. The aura is powerful enough that it had covered over a ten-meter area around it and begins to bend the air.

"Human bastard, you will not be able to get away this time," It shouted and pointed its coppery spear at me as it came toward move.

We moved closer and closer to each other, and soon there were only a hundred meters to distance between us, which would take less than a second for use cross given the speed we are moving.

As there was only fifty meters distance between, the black dome begin expanding from me.

The Lionman flinched seeing the fiery dome, but it let out cover it. It is powerful enough to know that dome is just a sensory blockade, and there are no offensive qualities in it.

"Die You Wretched Human!" It roared loudly and swung its spear at me; The spear attack of it extremely powerful; it tore through the air without making the slightest noise; the attack was completely silent.

Seeing its attack coming toward me, I did not move my sword. I just kept it in front of me and continued moving toward it; it looked like I am going toward a huge sphere intentionally to get myself crushed under it.

This spear can not skew me, seeing its huge size. If even a single part of it touched me, I would get directly crushed; there would be no hole in my body or something like that.

Seeing me behave that, a frown couldn't help but appear on the Lionmans face. It could tell something is very wrong but could not tell what.

I could feel its soul sense becoming stronger, checking every part of my body. I could also see the struggle in its eyes; some part of it wanted to abandon the attack, feeling it is too dangerous to continue with the attack.

It crushed the thought of abandoning the attack, but it had activated a very powerful-looking defensive method that covered its body like a suit.

The copper spear of Lionman got closer and close to me till there was a distance of only five inches between us. I could clearly see the sharpness of the spear that could easily crush my head to gore.

Finally, where there were only two inches of distance between its spear and my head, th

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