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Chapter 1629 - Overdrive II


The blue shimmer on it lasted it for a couple of seconds before it winked out as just as it did; it let out a mind-crushing roar, which directly made few Grimm Monsters and humans fell unconscious and disappeared.

The roar made me feel like a giant hammer had struck my head, it is a powerful soul attack, but I bore it focused on something more startling.

All its injuries are healing at an extremely fast rate; not just its wounds are healing, but its cut parts are also healing. The legs I had cut are regenerating, so are ears and some tails people had sliced up.

Within few seconds, it had been fully healed; there is not a single injury that could be seen on its body, not to forget its aura, which had risen considerably, which had definitely made it powerful.

The only thing that made me take a heave of relief is marking on its health bar, which had not changed; it is still 30% injured, and to kill it, it will have to empty its 70%, which won't be easy, but we will able to do it.

There are quite many capable people here who haven't shown their real strength yet.


It let out another soul-crushing roar after the first and launched columns of energy up. The huge columns of energy went up before falling down toward the people, and as they did, the columns begin to divide themselves into meter-long energy missiles.

Each huge column of energy had divided itself into about a hundred energy missiles, and seeing there are over fifty columns, the columns got divided into thousands of magic missiles.

These thousands of magic missiles moved hundreds of people who were standing on the ground or flying in the air.

I looked at few humans and nodded; as we did, we disappeared from our spot. The magic missile is no threat to us; our real target is an abomination that we have to kill with the highest offense to get the best rank.

We, humans, are not the only ones that moved toward the Abomination; the powerful Grimm Monsters, too, also moved.


While moving toward the Abomination, I snatched a Grimm Monster who was on the way.

It is a little regretful that Grimm Monster does not have a bloodline; at least I will get an Essense Rose from it. Few powerful Grimm Monsters look at me with warning as I snatched one of theirs's, but I just gave them a smile which by the look very scary.

In my mummy king form, I look quite scary. Even to the Grimm Monsters when I snatchy-snatchy on some of their people.

Soon, I appeared below the Abomination, and Abomination reacted immediately. It sent its kicks at me, which is far faster and bearing more destructive power than before.

I avoided the legs and again harvested the full power of the 'Second Boost' and moved toward its abdomen.

I want to attack its heart if it had any, some people had tried earlier, but they did not have much success. Its body is too strong; it did not have

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