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Chapter 1612 - Pieces Of Puzzle I


I was watching everything in front of me when suddenly, I saw a lizardman is coming toward me; its speed is quite good, it would be a blur to even to the eyes of the powerful Emperor.

I did not even glance at the upcoming Lizardman; I just continued looking forward as if I had not noticed it; this seemed to put a bright smile on the Lizardman's face.

I let it come closer to me, and when it had entered the hundred meters range of me, a dark fiery dome spread from me, instantly shrowding hundred-meter area around me, including the Lizardman that is coming toward me.

Sup Sup Sup

The abrupt change appeared on the face of the Lizardman, and it stopped on its tracks as it landed on a small tile and about to prepare to jump back when it saw scary ribbons made of black fire coming toward it.

It acted immediately as it swung forward its staff and at the same covered itself in the defensive layer.

Puch Puch Puch

The nine ribbons I had sent toward it easily avoided its staff and tore through its defensive layer as it is paper before piercing through its body and beginning to envelop in the ribbons.

Ten seconds later, it was completely enveloped in fiery black ribbons like a mummy. As My ribbons completely enveloped it, I had immediately begun the harvesting process.

The Lizardman struggled and tried to scream, but not a single whisper could be heard outside of ribbons; the ribbons had bound it too tight that it could not even struggle freely; the only thing it could do is endure this mind-breaking pain as I harvest it.

Despite being powerful, this Lizardman did not have a Bloodline which is quite disappointing as my runes are quite hungry for it.

One and half a minute later, I called back my ribbons. Now, in the place of the Lizardman is beautiful Essense Rose, which Nero wants to devour so badly, but I did not give it to him.

Instead, I stored it delicate box and before putting it in my storage with the things of Lizardman.

After taking one last look, seeing there is nothing that would reveal my identity, I called back the black fire dome and once again revealed myself to the public; as I did, I felt the eyes of a couple of people that include both humans and Grimm Monsters.

I had finished the Lizardman in less than two minutes, and I did that in a mysterious way.

The black fire dome I summoned blocked all the soul sense; there are many people who tried to breach it with their soul sense; some even tried to use the special soul methods to breach it, but all of them are are unsuccessful.

They saw Lizardman attacking me and my fiery dome swallowing it; for nearly two minutes, there was an utter silence before the black dome of fire disappears, and I appear in front of them without Lizardman that had been swallowed by the black dome.

After giving a smile to those who are watching my little performance, I jumped toward the tile

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