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Chapter 1607 - Diamond Seal II

The Amethyst Seal finished releasing the energy and went toward other Amethyst seals in my temple among the other nine Amethyst Seals present there.


As it took place among the nine Amethyst Seal, a buzz rang through my body, and the ten Amethyst Seals left their place and formed a circle before they started spinning.

As they begin spinning, they began to suck the energy at a crazy speed; every second, they would take 20% of my energy, and within five seconds, nearly all my energy storage had been emptied.

My focused self is refining energy at his greatest speed, but the energy required by the Ruby seal is too much; everything he is refining is getting sucked by the swirl right away.

A huge amount of energy is getting refined by every second, and all of it is getting sucked by the Ruby seal zealously.

The consumption of the Ruby Seal is not surprising; it gives a substantial increase in strength, and this increase depends upon the strength one had, and with my strength, I will have to supply it an insane amount of energy.

90% of my thought power is occupied by my refinement energies, while the rest, 10%, is still trying to circulate Supreme Combat Exercise, in which he is repeatedly failing.

If it had been any other Ruby Seal, my focused self would have had been able to circulate freely, but it is the tenth Ruby seal that is being created, the last one before the Dimaond Seal is formed.

Due to it, one could not circulate the Supreme Combat Exercise; only when the Diamond is fully created will the circulation will start again.

The swirl continued to suck the energy with crazy speed; I wish my focused self could access his storage where energy potions are stored; they are specifically made to supply the energy to the seals.

Finally, after more than three hours, the swirl stopped sucking the energy after taking an insane amount of energy.

With it finished sucking the energy, the swirl started to spin faster and faster as it begins to concentrate and its color also begin to change from amethyst to Ruby red of Ruby Seal.


Finally, after eleven seconds, the bright, beautiful Ruby Seal emerged, and as it did, it vibrated gently and released the bright red energy into my body.

The quality of energy that Ruby Seal released is way above that of the Amethyst Seal, and as it flowed through my body, I could feel it enhancing my body and soul.

The energy flowed through me for nearly three minutes before it stopped, but the enhancement it gave me is pretty amazing.

If I had been fully conscious of myself, I would have been happy seeing the changes and even more happy when the strength I had gained through it is only suppressed by half.

After releasing the energy, the Ruby Seal went back to its place among the other Rubys seal.


As the ten Ruby Seals aligned in my temple, nothing had happened to them for few seco

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