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Chapter 1595 - Four Days

"Participant YU897 Will Rest For Ninety Seven Hours Before Escorted To The Second Challenge Along With Rest Of Participants!"

"If Participant Do Not Want To Participate Into The Further Challenges, Say 'Leave' And Participant Will Be Teleported Out," The Mechanical voice said as I was observing the small potion bottle in my hand.

As it said it, the color of the white hall dimmed, and it became creamy, less harsh to the eyes, but other than that, there was no change; the room is still blank as before.

I am not surprised to hear that I will have to spend four days here; some of the Treasure Palaces that had appeared before had similar rules like this.

I looked around the hall for a few minutes and even attacked the walls couple of times with all my strength, but nothing happened to the walls. My attacks were a touch of feather to the walls; not a single mark appeared on them.

Sighing, I took out my space abode and went inside it, and directly went to the training room.

I wanted to shower first but seeing this potion had the small cleansing ability, showering before drinking the potion would not be wise as I will have to shower again.

As I reached the practice room, I took out most of my clothes and sat crossed-legged before open the cap of the small potion bottle.


I looked at the potion for a moment before I took it to my lips and gulped down the whole potion in a single swing, and I have to say this potion is nasty. It tasted like vomit; the maker should have worked on its taste a little, not made it taste like vomit.

I was reeling from the taste of the potion when a new sensation filled my mind. The new sensation is not pain; it is something worse.

I felt like there are thousands of ants crawling on my body and mind; these ants are not biting me; they are just crawling around with their light steps, and every second, the number of ants would increase, making this feeling even denser.

It is a very uncomfortable feeling that is making me want to tear my skin apart to give these ants a way out.

I controlled this impulse and stayed still; the feeling might be worst than pain, but I could do nothing about it except for bearing it silently as the potion is working.

I could feel that my strength is rising; my body and soul are getting strengthened rapidly with the speed that is surprising even to me. I had heard about these strengthening potions and how good they are but did not expect them to be this good.

This is the lower-level potion that the Treasure Palace offers. As I complete more challenges, the levels of rewards will also increase, the reward of the second challenge will be better than of the first challenge.

As time passed, the feeling became more and more intense, and with it, strengthening also became faster. The strength of my body and soul is rising rapidly, especially my soul, which is strengthening at the double speed of

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