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Chapter 1602 - Violet Streaking Lily

"Congratulation Participant YU897 On Finishing The Challenge At 49 Rank!" The mechanical voice said as I entered through it.

I had found myself in a similar stark while hall as before, but unlike the previous time, there are no hundreds of bubbles for me to choose from; instead, there is a single chest made of light on the white marble stool.

Since I had finished 49th, I could not choose the reward I want; that luxury only aval to those who finished the challenge first.

I looked at the chest, which looked like it is made of yellow light and is about the size of my hand.


I touched the yellow chest, and as I did, the chest disappeared, revealing a beautiful brown petal flower with violet lightning streaks.

'Violet Streaking Lily,' I said in my mind, this flower is a very precious Emperor Grade resource which is more rare and expensive than many Tyrant grade resources.

Violet Streaking Lily is extremely rare because of the environment and luck it needs. Violet Streaking Lily is a rare offshoot of Olof Lily, a common Emperor Grade resource.

It is created when it absorbs the powerful lightning that fell on it, and it manages to suck all its power without getting destroyed, which rarely happen as almost all the time, the lily destroyed by lightning or the lightning that fell on it is not powerful enough to create the lightning streaking lily.

It is a very precious resource, the one that is not suitable for me. It would be great if the resource is related to one of the elements of my constitution, but unfortunately, it is not.

Though I could still use it during the breakthrough, I will not use it. It will be a waste of such precious resources, and I have all the resources I need to have for my breakthrough into the Emperor Stage.

"The Participants Will Stay Here For The Six Days and Seven Hours Before Transported To The Third Challenge," "If Participant Want To Leave The Treasure Palace, The Participant Have To Say Leave And The Participant Will Transported Out," The Mechanical Voice said, it is same as the last time.

Seeing, I have to stay here for more than six days; I had wasted no time in summoning my space abode. As I got in, I removed my clothes and walked into the cold shower.

While in the shower, I looked at my Body and Soul. Earlier, I did not see the result of strengthening detailedly due to the appearance of the Runic Gate.

As I had expected, after consumption of Bloodline, I again had reached the limit, and this time the increased limit would be hard. The potion of last time would not work; I would need something even stronger.

The best choice would be to create the second Diamond Seal, but it is a work in progress; seeing the difficulty I am having, even I don't know when I am going to create the second diamond seal.

If I wanted to finish it early, I am going to need a great simulation; only through that way will

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