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Chapter 1614 - Black Bearman

As I had activated the 'First Boost,' and strength like never before had spread in my body with the speed that shocked me.

Earlier it used to take few microseconds for the power of 'First Boost' to spread through me, but this time it is instant, and the strength that had spread through my body many times greater than before.

The changes that Diamond Seal had brought seemed to have made my runes even more efficient.

"World Striker!"

While I was shocked with the power of the first boost, the Black Bearman attacked, and its attack was very powerful.

Black Runes have spread across its whole hammer, and it looked like it did have the strength to strike the world. Though I know there is a mental attack mixed in it to make me feel that way, I still couldn't help but be impressed by the power behind the attack.

Seeing its attack coming, I swung my sword toward it. My sword looked plain compared to its cool blue runic Warhammer, but no one could deny the power behind it; even the Grimm Monsters' eyes got serious seeing it.


Our weapons clashed again, creating an even bigger forcefield and noise, most of which had been absorbed by the tile we were standing in while rest spread, catching the gaze of quite a lot of people.

Our Inheritance Energy and Bloodline Energy also clashed while its bloodline armor destroyed my Inheritance Energy; its Bloodline Energy immediately sucked my armor as it touched it and covered it.

"Little bear, you will have to try harder if you want to defeat me," I taunted. My taunt worked, and as rage-filled its eyes.

"You wretched human, I will destroy you with power, great Goreas bestowed upon me!" It roared, and its aura flared wildly as it swung its rune blaze Warhammer at me.

I would have liked to take the battle slow if I had not been on such a tight leash of time. I not only want to consume as many bloodlines as I could, but I also want to get a great rank in this challenge, first if possible.


Our weapons begin to clash frenziedly, creating an earthshaking forcefield that would be immediately absorbed by the tile we are standing on.

In its range, it is bringing out more and more power with each attack and respond to it; I have to harness more power from the first boost, which seemed to enormous power stored inside it.

I am very excited to see how much strength the First Boost could give me as I am sure this Bearman will have me harness it all to defeat it. Hell, there is even a high chance that I might have to use everwings power to defend it.

Our attacks have become faster, with each attack having more power than the previous.

"Goreas Might!" It roared suddenly, and a phantom of huge Bearman appeared behind it.

The phantom of Bearman is huge; it is over twenty meters tall, and when I looked at it, I felt like the gravity of the whole world bearing down on me; getting this

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