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Chapter 1620 - Initiating Level Up

"Congratulation Participants PY09 For Finishing The Forth Challenge At Ninth Rank," "The Final Challenge Will Begin After Six Days, Fourteen Hours And Twenty Three Minutes." The Mechanical voice as I entered the white hall.

The hall is still stark white as previous without ant exit, and the center of it has a white marble stool on which there is a brown chest made of light.

Seeing the chest, my breath couldn't help but quicker, and hope begins to rise in my heart despite me wanting to keep it minimal. The past two rewards were not that great; I don't want to get disappointed again.

I appeared beside the marble stool and touched the brown chest, and as I did, the chest disappeared, and I found myself staring at the dark red volcanic rock.


I was about to curse my luck when I stopped as I felt the resonance from the Bloodline, which had shocked me so much I wasn't able to react for a moment.

It had been quite a while since I felt something resonate with my Inheritance Runes; the Bloodlines used to resonate, but with the restriction of Treasure Palace, it stopped doing that.

Feeling the reaction from Bloodline, I picked up the rock and found it quite hot. Hot enough that it will burn the hand of the knight of right off if they dared to touched this rock.

I do not know the name of the rock as there are too many materials that exist in the world to memorize them all.

Though I may not know the name of the material, through the simple observation, I could tell that it is a deep volcanic rock that had absorbed a huge amount of magical energy from the volcano.

That's not the only thing; there is something special in this rock, whether it is material or energy; otherwise, my runes would not have been able to react to it.

I observed the rock for few minutes before I stored it in my storage and took out my space abode before walking inside it.

With me reaching the absolute limit of the King Stage, from all aspects and upgrade ready. I could level up to Emperor Stage now if I wanted, but I will not. I will spend some time working on my mental state and even give the upgrade one last look before I leveled up.

Four days should be enough for that.

As I entered my abode, I directly went to the shower before walking into the kitchen. The last battle had lasted for a second, but it had very intense; even after getting a high energy dose, I am feeling very hungry.

In the kitchen, I took out some stuff from my storage and began to cook with my two and vines.

Usually, I only use my hands when I cook, but when I cook little elaborate as this, I used my vines. They make things easier and faster, also good to practice the fine control, I need for the cooking.

An hour later, I finished with the dinner and ate alone; I wish Ashlyn could come out and she could come breaking the restrictions, but it will turn on quite a few alarms of the treasured

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