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Chapter 1616 - The Change

Puchi Puchi Puchi

Tens of my ribbons tore through its body and began spreading. Within few seconds, my ribbons have spread inside and outside of it, turning it into a mummy.

It had recognized me and looked of horror appear in its eyes before the ribbon wrapped around its eyes. I could feel its struggle, which had become even more intense after recognizing me, but those struggles are futile.

Once one got bound in ribbons, it is extremely hard to get out. In the previous challenge, if I had somehow able to bind Copper Maned Lionman with ribbons, even it could not have got out despite its immense power.

As I finished binding Bearman, I did not waste any time and begin harvesting the process.


As I begin the harvesting process, I couldn't help but get surprised. The Bloodline of this bastard is really powerful as it creating huge resistance, all I was able to harness a trickle from it.

The only place I am harvesting a huge amount of essence is its core, and that is because it had started to burn it, and it is mine for sucking and where even its bloodline could do little to interfere.

Still, with the interference of its Bloodline, I will need double time in harvesting it, which is little more than five minutes.

If it had been non-Bloodline Grimm Monster, I would have been a little worried about the time I will need to harvest its essence, but since this Black Bearman had Bloodline, I won't have to worry about taking it too long; it should be dealt with soon.


I had just thought that when a faint shake spread through my body and Green and Silver Runes begin to cover my body.

It took less than three seconds for Green and Silver runes to cover me before they started spreading into my ribbons. Five seconds later, all ribbons covering the Bearman had Green and Silver Runes covering them.


As the runes covered the ribbons, the harvesting process begins. I could feel the Bearman is in intense pain as its struggle intensified; it begin to use every speck of energy it has to break free.


Soon, the purified bloodline energy come at me and I was shocked. The Bloodline Essence is very thick and powerful. It is far thicker than any Bloodline Ive ever experienced and more powerful.

I had expected the bloodline of the Black Bearman to be powerful, but not this powerful; this is really too much.

Feeling the power of Bloodline, I couldn't help but stumped. If The Black Bearman's Bloodline is this powerful means, more than three-quarters of its strength it had; it had due to its bloodline.

Though I should not be surprised as it is a common occurrence among people who have powerful Bloodlines.

This is why these people solely focused on harnessing power from their Bloodline as the Bloodlines contain unlimited power and provide all types of boosts, methods, and knowledge.

The thick and powerful Bloodline energy came at

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