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Chapter 1623 - Sword

"Such a strength!" I said with a sigh as I calmed down. I do not feel like god anymore who could crush the world, but still, awe-filled my heart, seeing the strength coursing through my veins.

The more clearly I looked at my strength, the more shocked I would become; really, this time, the transformation in the strength was really too much.

'It is time to see the armor,' I said and activated my Armor. I had made huge changes in Armor; I had overhauled its completely from its basic design and changed it into something else.

As I summoned my Armor, diamond threads thick as knitting needles came out of me and began to weave the Armor on my body. The wearing process is very beautiful, as if grandmasters knitter themselves doing the work.

It is not only beautiful, but extremely, only powerful Emperors could see the process, for other it will be over in a moment.

These thick strings are no ordinary energy strings but my vines themselves; I had decided to wear the Armor made of my vines; I had this idea when I had to make the giant from my vines to defend against the werewolf in the Championship.

My vines are the strongest thing I have an extremely hard to break that even with the great power difference, the werewolf was not able to break through my vines.

With me using the vines as Amor, my defense has gotten a lot stronger, especially since my vines now could borrow even more power from the runes; they have become extremely strong that I dare to say, even the strongest Emperor will have a problem breaking through my vines.

The vines are now independent of the 'Rose Domination Set' and now became part of the Armor move set, a new move set, and they could do more much than my vines used to do in King Stage.

It is not just vines ive improved; my other moves have also improved heavily and added new moves, and this time, they finally able to get more than 10% strength from the Runes; each of my moves now uses 25% of Runes power.

The only move that could use more power is my vines; they could use double the power of runes than my other moves.

As the Armor appeared on my body, I looked at the mirror and couldn't help but became impressed by what I saw. The Armor looked work of art, and it may not be as enchanting as the previous Armor, but there is a rawness in it that will make anyone think twice.

The Armor is made of diamond strings that are thick as knitting needles, and they weaved around me beautifully. The Diamond strings are not plain; 20% of the strings are in vibrant green color, and another 20% are red with a ting of gold.

The plain diamond, Green, and Red color creating striking, beautiful, and raw-looking Armor.

With Armor on my body, I want someone to fight against, be it a Human or Grimm Monster, I will take anyone as long as I could fight, but unfortunately, I could not. I will have to wait for two more days before I could fight with anyone.


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