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Chapter 1630 - Bloodline Essence Of Frost Chimpman I

As I appeared on the golden yellow neck of Abomination, I did not waste any time and charge my attack at its full power before bringing down my sword at its neck while avoiding the tens of human size tails.


My sword pierced through the neck of the Abomination, cutting the skin and the bones before eventually stopping as its momentum spent away but not before piercing good twenty-five meters deep into its skin.

It is deeper than anyone here able to pierce through but still far from enough to cut off its neck.

Its neck is thicker than its legs and even better protected; the skin and bones inside are very hard; I had to use quite a lot of energy to pierce such deep, it is deepest anyone able to pierce in the neck.

As my sword lost momentum, I quickly removed my sword disappeared from my spot. The tails are coming toward me in vengeance, but I did not care for them, as I already charged my sword attacked.


My sword had pierced through the already opened wound and made it thirty-meter deeper. The moment after I made the wound, I disappeared and launched another attack and then another.

There are cuts everywhere around the neck of the Abomination, and all seven of us are attacking and attacking these cuts, making the wound even deeper and causing it more damage.

Its healing power is great, and if we were not acting fast and taking advantage of the wounds we have created, we would need to fight for days.

We continue to use the wounds made by others to deal with the maximum damage; only this way could we slowly whittle away the health power of the Abomination.

This bastard is too powerful to kill in a couple of powerful attacks; we will slowly have to whittle away its power little by little.

I continued launching one after attack after another before I slowed down a little. My runes have finished absorbing the Bloodline Essense, and now they have sent the thick strengthening energy at me.

This strengthening will give a great boost to my power, and I need some boost; this Abomination is not easy to kill.

My attacks continued but with a much slower speed as strengthening continued. About thirty seconds later, all the strengthening energy had been absorbed, giving me a huge boost.

I did not waste any time and used all the boost I got, feeling my body with even greater strength than before.

As the strength filled me, I appeared beside the wound and swing my sword at it. This is one wound I had made, but it had healed more than half, but it is still good ten-meter deep.


My sword pierces through its flesh, for the first ten meters there was nothing, after that my sword begins to tear it apart, not only its skins but also the bones made of energy which looked like real bones.


This time, my sword went forty-five meters deep, making an Abomination roared lo

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