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Chapter 1202 - Walking By The River I

Ting Ting Ting…

Thousands of needles started to clash against the Rose petals cover surrounding me, creating sharp sound as they clashed and dissolve around the petals.

Yes, these needles are nastier than I had thought. If they cannot pierce through the shield's defense, they will dissolve on it and attack it with their full power, like they are attacking now.

But these petals are not as simple as before; they still can self-refining the energy that came at the, but if the energy too much, they can now send to me for refining and storage.

The needles came at me in thousands, but the petals quickly dealt with all of them. Amethyst Ape had also tried to sneak an attack or two. It also failed, not to forget its attack was weak.

The needle attack was extremely powerful. It launched thousands of them; even if it is a powerful Peak Prince Stage monster, launching such army killing attack will make weak for at least a few minutes before it gathered enough energy to reach its peak.

"Let's end it," I said to it, seeing it will take him few minutes to recover, and even if it recovers, it will not have much to show me; it had already used its powerful army killing move on me.


It seemed to understand what I mean and growled in anger before taking a jump back. Simultaneously, it seemed to have activated its defensive ability as a layer of amethyst energy covered its body.

Seeing that, I shook my head, and the next moment, the vine erupted from the ground and bound it before it could do anything.

The monster struggled, but the thin vine held on as multiple thorns erupted from it and pierced through its body, completely disregarding the defense of Amethyst energy and Amethyst armor covering its body.

As the thorns pierced through its body, the single vine started growing explosively by using the vitality of Ape monster that, within three seconds, the vine had wholly covered the nearly three meters long monster.

A second later, I killed the Amethyst Ape and stored its body inside my storage. "A good fight," I said. The battle with the Ape was quite satisfying; it was a very strong monster.

After finishing the fight, I continued my journey toward the center of Subterrain. By the evening or six am since it is always night here, Ive came across another two peak Prince Stage monsters who also gave me a satisfying fight.

When the clock ticks at 6 AM, I asked Ashlyn to find us a good hiding spot to set up an abode.

I am not feeling much tired, but I still decided to abide by my regular time table, not to forget I am impatient to enter the Tome; I need few more hours with the Tome, and I will be able to master the 6th recipe that I had been trying for past two days.

An hour later, Ashlyn had found the well-hidden spot, and we have set up the abode. After freshening up, I had cooked two of the dishes Ive learned in the Tome and ate with As

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