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Chapter 1216 - Meeting Old Friends

Three days passed by, and now I have gotten quite close to the Crown Tree; it will take me another two days to reach the hundred kilometers diameter of the Crown Tree.

I would have been faster, but I have come across quite many Grimm Monster that wasted quite a lot of my time. Still, at this distance, the numbers of Grimm Monsters have fallen quite much, but their numbers are still higher compared to humans.

Currently, the area where I am standing has a density of Cosmic Energy comparable to the core part of the subterranean, and it will grow denser as I reached closer to the Crown Tree.

The Crown Tree is standing on the world's biggest forbidden zone; its exitance itself is a miracle. Many organizations have researched the Crown Tree, and many speculate that it may be born off from the Miracle Fruit seed.

That would explain its growth and resources, but there is no concrete proof about it, so many people have contradicting views about it.

Well, I do not care to know where the tree had come from; the only thing I care about is the resources I need from it. As long as I get, I will be satisfied.


I killed a monster that had sneaked attacked me, it is quite powerful, but so I am. In these three days, my strength had increased quite a bit.

After fighting with that Mantisman and the weakness, I got from using 1st Burst of Old Set; I started to push myself harder. The day I fought that Mantisman, I nearly killed myself during the refining; the concentration of Cosmic Energy was too much.

Still, it helped me get stronger, and now I could use the 1st Burst with a little less strain.


I ran through the forest when I was suddenly fighting sound; the fighting sound is not new. Monsters fight monsters, Grimm Monsters fight monsters as they also love to eat monsters like us humans.

But this one had humans cursings mix in it; seeing humans in such dense cosmic energy is quite rare. We do not have big strong bodies like them, so only strong humans with special abilities to deal with Cosmic Energy come quickly.

Feeling curious, I moved toward them sneakily; as I got closer, I heard some familiar voices; hearing them, I immediately increased my speed.

A few minutes later, I got close enough to see the fight and saw some old friends I haven't seen in quite a while. Two people, I know very well, but the other three I am unfamiliar with, but I know who they are; teacher had me memorized their info.

Humans' team is unique one could hardly see this outside as all five of them are the holders of Apex Inheritance, but the enemies they are fighting are no slouch either.

There are twenty-eight Grimm Monsters, of twenty-eight four are Dukes while the other twenty-four are Princes. Of twenty-four Princes, there are Two Curse Masters and one Poison Master.

As for the four Dukes Grimm Monsters, they are also the holder of the Apex Inheritanc

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