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Chapter 1208 - Gazebo

This new Inheritance Crystal looked like it is a piece of Metallic Rod; it is black and red with tiny runes all over it.

I floated near it and observed it for a while before wearing the thick gloves; I had learned my lessons from the last time; I did not let any part of my body, including my energy, touched this broken piece of Rod.

I picked it with gloved hands and put it in a small wooden box before putting it into my storage.

I am delighted to get this piece of Inheritance, Crystal; it had made the whole purpose of coming to this Palace worthwhile, and it is just the starting; I am sure I will find many of such pieces as I scour the palace whole.

With that thought, I started scouring new rooms of Palace again, but by the time night came, I did not find anything except for that piece of Rod.

The night passed, and another day came, it is my third day exploring the Palace, and I started early but to my utter disappointment, the whole day has passed, but I did not find anything even after scouring hundreds of rooms.

The night had passed, and it is the start of the fourth day; in the past three days, I was able to scour all the left part of the Palace nearly; after checking hundred-some rooms, I will finish with the whole left wing.

I hope I find something good today; I don't want today like yesterday; I had not found anything yesterday.

Checking room for the Inheritance is a tedious task, but after doing it for three days, I have become some kind of expert that, now, I did not spend more than a minute in a room before moving to another.

Finally, after one and a half hour, I had finished scouring the whole left-wing and had not found anything except for two broken pieces of Inheritances, Ive found in the first two days.

With left-wing finished, I moved toward the central wing. I planned to finished with it as soon as possible.

According to conventional designs of this world, the central wing should be smallest and with no inheritance rooms. It would mostly have Halls, Administrative offices, and facilities related to the Inheritances.

It is my conjecture I made studying whatever material we have found in this ruin in a few hundred years. I hope I am wrong, and it will have some Inheritance Rooms, so I will have greater chances of finding the Inheritance.

Soon, I reached the Central Wind, and the first place I entered was the Grand Hall. Even in the dilapidated stage, I could imagine the majesty its used to have when it was at its peak.

I asked Ashlyn to spread her senses around the Grand Hall and see if she found anything interesting, but unfortunately, the Grand Hall did not hold anything valuable.

Seeing there is nothing in the Grand Hall, I float deeper. I found numerous hall and rooms that are likely to administrative office and training facilities related to the Inheritances.

I checked every room and hall, but it seemed like my luck is s

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