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Chapter 1194 - Upgrade

I looked at the Humanoid made of Runes; it is a little bigger than previous; there had been an increase of little more than five thousand Runes.

After taking another look at it, I got out of my Inheritance Space. I created the aura confining formation so that no aura could leak out of alert any monster before taking out all the consumable resources Ive in my storage.

When I come to this realm, I had brought a huge amount of resources in case I have to level up to Duke here, and now I am leveling up; all these resources are coming in handy.

After I put all the resources I have, I again entered my Inheritance space and tapped the heart of Humanoid and started the Runic Assimilation, and at the same time, I started my breakthrough into the Duke.

'I hope the level up did not take long.' I thought as I have thrown out of Inheritance. The formation would only mask aura for a while; when my runes started to suck on a huge amount of worldly energy, the monsters are going to notice.

I would have loved to do in a safe place with having someone to protect and no powerful monsters coming to kill me, but I have not.

I am in this dangerouns place with Ashlyn inside me, leveling up together; the only thing I have is the protection of Rocks and Abode.

I hope it would be enough till my level up over; after that, I am sure I will have enough strength to deal with these monsters.


I cursed through the gritted teeth pain shot through every part of my me as the upgraded Inheritance started to assimilate. Old Runes getting destroyed, new are taking their place, formation changing the runes, or moving to different directions altogether.

Many things are happening in me, and most surprising of all is resources; they are disappearing at a record speed, which had shocked me.

These resources are very rare and packed an immense amount of energy, most of sent by the teacher, crafted especially for Runic Assimilation.

Their quantity would have been more than enough but seeing the speed it is disappearing seemed like it is not enough; I will need more resources to complete the resources.

Seeing that, I started to take out other resources. These resources are not perfect for assimilation, but they are rare resources none the less, they will have to do.

A few minutes later, I finished taking out all the resources I have, now there is just monster meat, and some herbs have remained aside from the metals.

I hope worldly energy would assimilate faster; earlier, I would have not wished for this thing but seeing how ravenously these runes sucking the resources around me, they will do.

The cloud of worldly energy has appeared above me, but it is small. I hoped it would grow faster by growing faster to lessen my already depleting resources.

"F.u.c.k me!"

I cursed again as another hand joined in consuming the worldly energy. My sword also started consuming worl

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