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Chapter 1214 - Apex Host

Puchi Puchi Puchi!

Three Rose blades had pierced through the three Prince Stage Grimm Monsters. The blades did not give them time to put their defense before they reaped their lives.

I was looking at the falling bodies of Grimm Monster when suddenly I sensed danger. That very moment, the runes lit up inside me, and my sword appeared in my hands, and I slashed back.


A loud metallic sound rang out when my sword clashed against the invisible blade, and the next moment a Grimm Monster holding a thin green blade had appeared.

"I did not think you would be able to block it," Mantisman said in a grating raspy voice, which is very uncomfortable to hear.

In front of me is a green monster from the rare Mantimen tribe, members of this tribe are very, which makes them very good for quick assignation attack.

The mantis man in front of me is just six meters tall with a completely green body. Its body may look soft with a natural green armor covering it wholly, but it is extremely sturdy.

The surprising thing is about this matisman is that it is at Duke Stage, Initial Duke, to be exact, just like me, but despite that, it was able to get ten meters distance from me without me discovering it.

"You should work on your speed," I said flatly. What I had just said is lie; its speed is amazing; the reason I was able to discover it because of its killing intent. It had done a very good job controlling it, but it was still present, and I had sensed it.

"Thank You for your advice; after killing you, I will surely work on it." It said and desspeared.


As it did, I moved my sword behind my back, which again clashed against the invisible blade of the Mantisman, but unlike last time, this time, it did no visible instead, its blade desspeared, and it appeared again, and this time, it is coming for my chest.


It continued launching attack after attack; each of its attacks is invisible and right. If it had been normal Duke, even a price would have died ten times under.

Its speed is amazing that if not for the latest upgrade and changes I made, I would have stared at such speed in envy. The invisibility is not a method or skill of it; it is pure speed.

It is not invisible to me; my senses have already locked on it and tracking its every movement, which is why I am so effortlessly countering its attacks.

It continued to attack me for a few minutes when it suddenly stood five meters ahead of me, a perfect attacking range.

"I had not expected I would come across the holder of the Apex inheritance." It said as it looked at me seriously.

"Likewise," I said. Yes, this Grimm Monster is a holder of Apex Inheritance, and I have to kill it.

Killing the holder of Apex inheritance is not the only question of pride or cutting off future trouble for one's race but also of the prize. Killing it will get me a price from the Pyramid.

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