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Chapter 1211 - Space Type Abode

Note: 7 Extra Chapters.

When thick tsunamis of cosmic energy were turning into runes, another sudden change had occurred.

Some pieces of Palace started to fall apart and began to float toward Gazebo where then expectedly melted and fall where the Gazebo is. She is not taking out all the pieces of the Palace but only those she needed.

Thud Thud Thud…

Still, her being taking pieces of Palace made it unstable, and it started to collapse. While she and I remain floating, and so is Gazebo, which I can't see clearly with all the shit going on with it.

As time passed, the changes also started occurring in Serena; earlier, she used to look like a normal person, a being made of flesh and blood, but now, not so much. She had fainted a little, which made the corporealnesss vanish; she now really looked like the being made of energy.

Finally, half an hour later, the process started to slow down. The tsunami of cosmic energy stopped, and so the melting of palaces pieces. When everything is over, the result finally showed up.


I couldn't help but gasp, seeing what she has created. It is a house, a beautiful small house. It looked like it is made of stone and wood with beautiful glass doors and windows.

I was watching the house when it started to shrink, and before I know it, it had shrunk to palm size and came floating at Serena, who now became so incorporeal that I could barely see her.

"Take this; it will make your life a little easier." She said and handed me a house and next moment, the last bit of soul that had remained had desspeared, and I remained standing looking small house she had given to me.


I was about to look at a miniature house more carefully when I heard monsters roar and saw a Peak Prince Stage coming toward me, and behind it, there are three more monsters, and all of them are coming at me.

"Ashlyn, deal with them," I said; I have no interest in fighting the monsters; I am completely focused on the thing that is in my hands.

I injected the energy inside it, and the next moment I got basic information about it, and like I had expected, this is an abode artifact. What grade of Artifact it ad what it does, I will only find out after I went in.

Soon Ashlyn finished her fight, and I had asked her to find a well-hidden spot for us to spend the night. I had entered the Gazebo in the afternoon, and now it is an evening.

Twenty meters later, Ashlyn found a hidden spot for us. Standing in the well-hidden spot among the thick trees, I placed the tiny Abode in the open ground, and the next second, it started.


In the five seconds, it had grown to its original size earlier. I once again took the beauty of the Abode before I opened the door and went in.


As I entered, I gasped in happiness as I did not walk into a small room but a spacious hall about the same size as the Abode.

Now to forg

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