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Chapter 1203 - Walking By The River II

This River is flowing right through the center of the Subterranean; the place where I am standing has too thick cosmic energy that normal monster could not survive here; only Mid and above Prince Stage monsters can live cosmic energy rich place like this.

I looked at the River and started to walk in the opposite direction of the flow. To get out, I will need to enter the water at some point, but now is not the time; I will walk by the River till I could before I jumped into it.


I noticed something and saw a blue blur coming toward me, but the blue blur was five two meters ahead of me when a Green net made of vine came out of my hand and captured that green-blue before a sword appeared in my hand pierced through its head.

It is a Peak Prince Stage Fish monster; against it, I have to act fast; little slowness could extend the fight for a minute. The reason I am walking so near the River not only because I want to catch the fish but also because I want to practice the 'Rose Vine' move.

I want to become proficient in it, so proficient that I could use it as my limp; though it would be possible to get limp familiarity, I would be fine if I reached close enough with it.

This move had great potential, and I want to practice it more, so I could unearth and develop more potential from this move; within an hour of walking by the River, I had caught fifty fish twenty fish monsters, and half of them were Peak Prince Stage monsters.

Blop Blop Blop…

Suddenly blooping sound started to ring out River, and one after another crab monster came out of River. With three seconds, I found myself surrounded by sixteen Red Crap Monsters.

These Crab monsters are about three three-meter long with big sharp pincers that could cut through anything. Of the sixteen, seven are at Peak Prince Stage while the other nine are at High Prince Stage.

They have surrounded me and come closer to me; it won't take long before launching the coordinated attack and finishing me off in one move.

"Its good thing you guys have come in such numbers; I long wanted to test another move of mine," I said with a flourish; I moved my hands.

'Rose Domination First Move: Rose Blades.' I said in mind, and that exact moment, sixteen Roses came out of my hands and quickly changed occurred in them as their petals transformed into a five-inch long blade before the blades gently moved toward the crab monsters.

Puch Puch Puch…

The Crab Monsters stopped their charge toward me immediately. Seeing the roses came out of me and activated their defensive methods, just as their defensive methods got activated, the knives reached them before tearing their defensive shields and piercing their eyes.

Thud Thud Thud…

One after another, Crab Monsters fell on their legs, dead, all of them killed by my single attack.

This the first move of Rose Domination and the move I changed the most in th

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