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Chapter 1209 - Serena Sorianthum

"Who are you?" I asked in a cautious voice, "Serena Sorianthum, Leader Everwings World." She introduced herself. When she introduced herself, emotions of grief couldn't help but appear on her face.

"After so much time, I did not anyone would find this place." She said with slight wonder.

"Well, this strand of the soul could say to be one of the luckiest ones to be able to find someone before it zapped up." She said in a mirthless tone, and her eyes glazed as if she remembered something.

Soon her glazy eyes cleared, and she looked at me, "You have imprinted with the inheritance already." She said as she looked at me with her purple eyes before surprise flashed across her face.

"Little one, you are quite ambitious to use the Creation Inheritance." She said, hearing that I couldn't help but feel startled. It is extremely difficult to see through the reality of my Inheritance; even Tyrants could not do that, but this person did, and if I understand her words right, then the one who is speaking to me is not a real person, just a speck of soul.

This speck of soul was able to see the reality of my Inheritance that even Tyrants could not, just how f.u.c.k.i.n.g powerful this person whose speck of soul it is.

"You don't have to be surprised, little one; I myself used the Creation Inheritance to create my Inheritance." She said with a gentle smile. This time it is my turned to get surprised.

Not many people got successful with creation Inheritance; Academy had the Creation Heart Inheritance for thousands of years, and only one person could practice it successfully.

"The Inheritance looked good, but let me see in detail." She said suddenly appeared in front of me and tapped on my chest, and the next moment, a runic humanoid came out of my body.

"Hey." I raged; the runic humanoid is my Inheritance; she somehow summoned out my Inheritance diagram.

I couldn't help but get extremely angry seeing that my Inheritance is my biggest secrete and most precious thing I possess, I had created it with blood and sweat, and I do not like someone seeing it without my permission.

"Apologies, little one." She said apologetically before focusing on my Inheritance Diagram. I fumed seeing it and opened my mouth to say something before closing it; this being is extremely powerful despite being only a speck of soul. I have no doubt she would be killing me without spending much effort.

"Marvellous, simply marvelous. Your design made complete use of your unique constitution and rules you possess."

"Though it is a little rough around the edges, it is to be expected to see the level you are." She said as she looked at me, and this time her eyes held something else as she looked me.

"Little one, I had already introduced myself. Won't you introduce yourself to me?" she asked. I don't want to introduce myself, seeing what she had done to me but seeing such earnest expressions on

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