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Chapter 1195 - Duke

A monster is coming! It is coming through the tunnel, destroying any obstacle placed in the hole.

The hole is small that even I barely able to move throught it without feeling obstruction.

I had intentionally made it narrow so that even if the monster were to discover it, it wouldn't be able to pass through it, but now the monster is coming.

It Initial Level Duke Stage Snake monster; if I were in my prime, I would have easily killed this bastard, but now I am weak as an ant that this bastard will only have to flick the tail to cut me into two.

It is coming at me, crushing every obstacle that came in its path, but it is no cakewalk for it; Ive had packed quite nasty surprises on the way that made me every inch very difficult to cross.

The monster is now screaming in agony but still cross the hole in fury; it won't take long before it appeared in front of me and kill me mercilessly.

Not only it, but the other monsters which are attacking from outside also won't take long before they destroy all the rocks and come knocking in my abode.

The only thing that could save me is my Inheritance, but the assimilation is going on, and I don't know whether I could survive the complete assimilation seeing the amount of Cosmic Energy entering my body.

My life is hanging by a thread, and I am doing everything to save that thread, but it is getting difficult, very difficult as more and more Cosmic Energy kept assaulting me.

The only consolation is that the assimilation is near completion; it could be over in a few seconds; I have to survive these few seconds; as long as I survive, then there will be no f.u.c.k.i.n.g monster in subterrane will have the power to kill me.

Bang Bang Bang…

Seconds passed painfully when I heard the banging on the abode wall, the monster had reached the abode, and now it is banging on its wall, trying to break.

If the abode has been in the perfect condition, it would have easily defended for a while, but its defenses had already been damaged, not to forget it constant surrounding monsters have also been damaging to it and its direct attack, as Ive said it in in few seconds that my fate will be decided.



With a booming monster finally broke through the abode wall and came face to face with me. It scremed loudly as if expected big bad enemy when but when it saw me, it had stopped in its surprise.

My skin's upper level had disappeared entirely; on some parts; my bones could be seen; I looked like some freak from a horror show that seeing even a monster had got shocked for a second.

The monster is a Snake monster that is wholly covered in a blue rock layer, the only thing that is not covered in its deep yellow eyes.


It continues to look at me several seconds before it had leaped at me; its rocky mouth is open wide, intending to gobble my head.

'Dumb Monster.' I said with a bloody smile; if this monste

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