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Chapter 1207 - Another

Ashlyn waked me up at 3:30 as her shift end before sleeping while I got up feeling completely refreshed. I am not feeling any tiredness and fatigue; I had been feeling earlier, its all gone.

After freshening up, I checked all the working sensors before closed my eyes and entered my Inheritance Space.

Earlier, Ashlyn had diverted all the broken Inheritance from the Tablet to my Inheritance space. I want to check it, but I was too excited about finding other inheritances that I had left it for the evening.

I entered my Inheritance Space, which now is a lot bigger than before. The level up had not only increased the size of Inheritance Space but also have increased the time equation, which is helpful for my research.

I took a glance whole inheritance space before I focused on the Tablet made of dense runes. This Tablet is a bigger copy of the broken Tablet earlier, and it is also made completely of runes.

The Tablet is six meters tall and packed with dense runes. As I reached close to it, I noticed it had many broken formations, but there are many complete formations.

This six-meter Tablet must have had about a million runes, which is a way larger amount I am using in my Inheritance and not to forget it this is but a piece of large Tablet, this Inheritance must have contained at least five million Runes.

The better ones have more than two million Runes; only those truly exceptional have more than two million runes.

More Runes does not mean better Inheritance. take my Inheritance, for example, which I had designed for myself. It contains less than fifty thousand runes, but its performance close to Apex Inheritance, which is guessed to be made from more than a Billion Runes.

The number of runes is still considered a measure of the Inheritances power, especially the Inheritances that are created by people of our world.

I looked at the Tablet in front of me, took out one small formation on the surface, and observed it, it took me an hour to understand the formation, and when I did, I couldn't help but feel impressed.

It is the visual formation, crafted to make a piece of cloth, and it is brilliant in how it works and how less energy it consumes.

Feeling excited, I visualized a comfortable couch and sat on it before bringing out a couple of formation from the broken Tablet and started to study them. I even forgot my plan to observe the Tablet for a while before entering the Tome to learn the new recipe.

I was lost for hours studying the various formations that I only came to myself when I felt the loud shock from my holowatch. The fifteen hours in inheritance space felt like fifteen minutes to me.

After spending a few more minutes in Inheritance space studying the last formation, I got out of the Inheritance Space.

After getting out is Inheritance space, the first thing I did after getting out is to freshen up before heating yesterday's leftovers and e

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