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Chapter 1198 - Monster Slaying III


My sword pierced through the Fiery Boar, and it fell on the ground dead. Killing it was a simple thing; in this fight, if any monster were a challenge, then it would be the shadows Lion.

Still, this fight had helped me very much; it helped me get control over my armor. If it had been a powerful monster, it wouldn't be an easy fight.


I had just picked up the monster carcass in my storage when suddenly ground beneath my feel collapse, and mouth came out of it, sensing that I flew up, and it followed me with great speed that nearly eaten my foot up.

"So, you finally came out," I said when I monster went up in the air, I did not care my foot being very close to the monster mouth, and it is inching closer to eat my foot.

I had known about this monster hiding in the ground; it had been one of the first monsters reaching my abode. If not for the snake monster breaking the wall, this yellow earth rat would have done it a second later.

It had been hiding in the ground, waiting for the perfect moment to attack, and when I had just stored the body of the monster, it attacked, wanting to guzzle me up.

The monster came down from earth as a mutated Yellow Earth Rat. It looked like a yellow earth rat in every aspect, except for its mouth, which opened unnaturally wide.

This monster is about the same size as the monsters that attacked me earlier, but its power is far greater; it is a High-level Prince stage monster compare to those Mid Level Prince Stage monster.

With both of us up in the air, it is perfect for me to test one of my improved moves.

"Roose Vine!" I said and vines released from my hands, and this time, there was an evident change in the vines could be seen vine, it is now very thin like a normal vine, not unnaturally thick as before, but it looked very vibrant as if it is born in the life energy-rich environment.

Vines came out of me very fast and started to spread around the Rat monster before it could do anything, and right when these vines bound the important part, the real magic began.


A very squicky scream rang through the monster mouth as sharp thorns of vines dug into its hard skin, and the next moment, vines started to grow as if they are on steroid; in just three seconds, they have entirely enveloped it.

It is struggling intensely, producing earth spikes all over its body to get rid of the vises, but vines are having none of it. The vines are way too tenacious since they have unlimited vitality to harvest from them.

Yes, now the vines could harvest monsters' vitality to grow; this move is now not limited to special professional Grimm Monsters.

Ive been working on improving vitality sucking formation ever since the first day of the Fort Ardon battle.

My vine was able to suck Blood and everything of the Special profession Grimm Monster because of my Curse Constitution, which derived fr

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