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Chapter 1193 - Ready For Upgrade

Sizzle Sizzle Sizzle Sizzle Sizzle…

Just as I enveloped it, its feathers turned red hot and started to burn down at the same time it moving its steely feathers and beak to cut the vines; in simple words, it had brought down the decisive assault on vines.

The vine is powered with three times more pure energy and has three times more energy. The most important thing is that vine is powered by only three types of energies or two if one thinks differently.

These Three Energies are Curse Energy, Healing Energy, and Rule Bending. The Healing and Curse Energies are pure Inheritance Energies refined in Tower, so a collection of this makes the vine very strong.

Though the vine is strong, so is the monster, and I have to finish it off before it tore through the vine, which it can if I give it enough time.

My sword burned red, with pure energy. Its enchantment has gotten it even stronger; if I had faced the stage now, piercing through its defenses would be a Piece of Cake.

But this Red Chicken is not a Lightning Stag; it is two levels higher with much tougher defense. Still, I think my enchantment is powerful enough to pierce through its defense.

I powered up the enchantment, making nearly the whole sword red before piercing it toward the chicken monsters' head. It tried to stop the sword with its molten attack before moving its beak, but vines had tied its neck too tightly to give it any flexibility.


I sword avoided its beak before piercing through its small eyes directly into its brain; this attack may seem simple but needed a tremendous amount of calculations.

Not to forget there is quite a chunk of the flesh of hand melted by ist final attack; still, I was able to kill it, that is all it matters.


I called back vines, and the body of Chicken Monster fell on the ground. The chicken body is in perfect condition, except for its head, which had a hole in its eyes.

I had quickly taken out the sword after killing it, so the hole sealed with passive vitality remained in the chicken monster, and due to that, there was no blood loss.

I licked my lips, seeing the chicken monster before putting it into my storage. I looked at Ashlyn, who is still fighting at a distance; seeing she is in good condition, I walked back toward the hole stealthily.

The fight with Chicken Monster was very short and lasted barely three minutes, but it took 80% of energy. This bastard was powerful, but it did not deserve so much energy.

It is the fault of my moves that drink energy as if they have unlimited. I planned to testify that my moves will leaner, swifter, and stronger and require less energy to perform in the upgrade.

I reached the hole without being discovered and climbed into it, and a few minutes later, I reached the abode. Ten minutes after that, Ashlyn also came back.

I again spread the rocks and sensors through the hole before going

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