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Chapter 1213 - Getting Out

"It is Ruined!" I said as I looked at the completely collapsed Palace. There was no single room or hall that was standing. The Palace was already hanging in the delicate balance, and after Serena took all the parts she wanted, it collapsed completely.

I would have loved to check for any Inheritance but seeing it would take me days if not month if I checked all the rubble; it is simply not worth it. There are other places to explore in this ruin, especially the Crown Tree; it is something which I need urgently.

Taking one last glance at the Palace, I again started to walk by the River. Unlike a few days ago, I did not fight all the monsters Ive come across. Ashlyn deals with most of the monster; I only fought against those which I found interesting.

Soon afternoon came, and I noticed the cosmic energy thinning out, and there are barely any Peak Prince stage monsters coming to attack me; Ive likely reached the boundary of the core area, seeing that smile couldn't help but appeared on my face, and I started straight up flying.

Currently, with my strength, there is no monster that I could not beat, so I might as well stop being too cautious. With that thought, I increased my speed again.

I have to leave this Subterranean; I want to explore other places before heading to the crown tree. I have to get that thing.

If I get that thing, then I will get the greatest ingredient for my strengthening solution, and at that time, I will not only have to not worry about strengthening at Duke Stage, I might not even have to worry about strengthening at Prince stage.

Time passed, and evening came, and I still kept flying, even increased my flying speed. The monsters here have become quite weak; most of those who came to attack are Duke Stage Monsters, there are rarely any prince stage right.

To kill these monsters, I did not have even have to spend many efforts. I not even using my sword to kill the Duke Stage monsters; only Prince Stage monsters require me to use their sword due to their tough defense.


At around 8 AM, I saw something which finally brough an escatic smile on my face. I have yet found a way out; I could see the River's source, the huge tunnel, or waterfall through which the water is falling.

I wanted to swim up and get the hell out of here, but I refrained from doing that. It is already a night; I should spend this night here before getting out tomorrow. I thought for a while before I decided to stay and get out tomorrow.

I asked Ashlyn to find a safe spot to spend the night, and fifteen minutes later, Ashlyn found me a good spot where I set up my new space abode.

The first I did after entering the abode was showering; I only spend ten minutes there before getting out as I am very excited to cook the new recipe I had learned.

It took me more than an hour to cook, but the time and efforts spent worth it as it is beyond delicious. Ashlyn

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