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Chapter 1562 - Devil's Gate I

"Are you ready to leave?" Teacher asked, "Ready as I ever could be," I replied. "You know you could still change your mind about going to that place," the Teacher said.

"I know," I said, hearing my answer; Teacher let out a sigh, knowing I will not change my mind.

Today is the day I will leave for that place, a dangerous place filled with vicious criminals; not only criminals are dangerous there but also the environment; even Emperors die there if they are not careful.

The worst thing about that place is the teleportation won't work there; only the tyrants well versed in the place dared to teleport there; space there is not so firm as the other places.

"Do you have everything you need? If you need anything, just ask," the Teacher said.

"No, I have everything I need," I said.

I had checked my storage ten times; I have everything I need. From the resources to break through the Emperor Stage to the food supply for more than a year, everything is packed.

"The airship will come in the afternoon," I nodded, "Good luck, my student; I hope you return safely in eight months," She said with a sigh, yes, eight months.

Through the airship, it will take about a month to reach that place, and I will spend six months there; that place open to airsh.i.p.s twice a year.

I talked to Teacher for few more minutes before I walked back into my quarters.

As I walked there, I showered and changed into a white prison jumpsuit with Academy Emblem and the name 'Sam Duffy' calligraphed on it.

With the jumpsuit on, I had tapped on my temple, and a second later, a mask had appeared on my face. As it appeared, I closed my eyes for a second, and the next moment, my body begins to change.

The painful process begins, and it lasted for nearly three minutes before I fully transformed to Sam Duffy again, unlike before where I only transform for two or three hours most, this time, it will be a little more permanent.

For the next eight months, this will be my main body, and I will rarely be transformed into my original body.

With everything ready, I walked toward the formation and changed the coordinates toward the place where I only go weekly; a white energy screen appeared, I found myself in the room.

The room is neither big but not small either and is completely white and only has a single bed and nothing else; this is the place the Academy knows Sam Duffy is staying.

As I walked into the hall, the teleportation gate sank into the latch that opened below it, and a few seconds later, the floor had become smooth with no sign of a teleportation gate.

Seeing it disappeared, I sighed and laid on the bed. I just now have to wait for Sir Issac, who will take me to the airship, which will come in the afternoon.

Seeing there is some time before Sir Issac came and take me to the airship, I closed my eyes and went to my Inheritance place.

In these three months, I

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