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Chapter 1586 - Two Bloodlines II

"A second Bloodline," I muttered in shock as I could not believe this is happening; one more Bloodline means another merging with ancient power.

I could not believe my luck; for more than a month, I had harvested near hundred Grimm Monsters but wasn't able to awaken the Bloodline from the single one, but here, in my first battle, two Grimm Monsters have awakened their Bloodline.

I don't know the exact reason for the Bloodlines awakening second Grimm Monster, but I have two guesses. One guess is that it is random; it is triggered by something I don't know or understand.

The second reason which I am in more favor of is that awakening of the Apemans Bloodline had triggered the awakening of Snakemans Bloodline.

It is a proven fact that, in places where a high density of Bloodline users exist, the Bloodlines people awakened are more in numbers than an average place.

I noted that reason and looked at Alabaster's Snakemans Bloodline, which is awakening rapidly, far rapidly than the Apemans, and its power seemed to greater as well.

The Apeman's Bloodline had seemed to sense th awakening of Alabaster Snakemans Bloodline, and a huge power burst out of it, and it begins to grow stronger.

This seemed to affect the Bloodline of Alabaster Snakeman as it begins to rise even more rapidly with more power.

My expression couldn't help but froze for a moment seeing the competition of the Bloodline; I did not know things like that even happened.

Here two Bloodline are competing and bursting out with even more powers.

The thing looked unbelievable, but it had made me very happy, as I could feel the purified Bloodline power that is merging with my runes have become denser.

The Huge Apeman that had become an old husk by harvesting had begun to come back to its original form, and soon it regained its former shape and started to struggle again harder and harder.

Like last time, I again gave it false hope, let it struggle as I harvest its essence and Bloodline, both of which are growing stronger by the seconds.

As the competition between the Bloodlines is happening, I moved, all three of the vine cacoons closer, close enough that three of them begin to touch one another; I have done in the hope that Werewolf also awakens its Bloodline.

While the Warewolf had no change, me placing them close to Snakman and Apeman, but the Bloodline of Snakeman and Apeman roared again when they came in such close contact.

Within a few seconds, The Bloodline of Alabaster Snakeman fully awakened and begin to spread its power around the Snakeman, making its strength begin to rise explosively.

With the power of Bloodline, the Alabaster Snakeman got stronger and stronger. It took mere seconds to reach the power of Golden Flame Werewolf and surpassed it.

It continued growing for little more than five minutes, till its strength had grown so much that it begins to move my vines

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