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Chapter 1566 - Probe

I woke up at dawn by the alarm I had set up last night before sleeping; I had slept through the night without much problem, there was a tiny disturbance, but it was an expected one.

I had sensed the Tyrants soul sense investigating me, and this soul sense had been quite probing.

The Tyrant did not find anything odd about me after more than ten minutes of probing; I had been quite prepared for it. My teacher trained me well against such probes, and I can fool them without using any artifacts.

For three months, I had been constantly probed by faint soul sense; it is so faint that one could sense, hell, even powerful Emperors would not be able to sense it.

My teacher had the greatest energy control Ive seen on anyone, and the same goes for her soul control. When she first began to probe me, I could not find her soul sense; I have tried many things, including being awake for a long time.

It took me a while to understand that it is Tyrant Powerhouse I am dealing with, and there is the reason why they are called the Tyrants.

So, seeing there is no way I could sense her soul sense the conventional way, I decided to create a formation, and due to unique Inheritance Runes, enormous soul power, and Rule Bending power, the formation worked.

There was quite a shock on the teacher's face when I first caught her soul sense; I had never seen her such shocked before. When I asked, she told me that even some Tyrants would not be able to sense probing as I did, which I clearly think some exaggeration.

The formation I had created to sense her soul sense turned very useful. Though it still can't detect her soul sense when she gets serious, it is more than enough to detect the soul sense of other Tyrants, which is ostentatiously crude.

I did not stay on the bed for more than a minute before I got up and walked to the bathroom.

The small brownstone I am staying is quite good; even if it is a place where the prisoners gather, the prisoners are Emperor Level powerhouses, a true powerhouse, even the most mediocre residence is great by King's standard.

After freshening up and showered, I opened the meal box that was delivered earlier and ate it.

Compare to what I usually eat, it is bland, but I have no choice but to eat it. I can't take the risk of showing my excellent culinary skills or eating from prepackaged food I had prepared for myself, at least not in the city.

With everything prepared, I walked out of the brownstone and flew towards the city gates.

Yesterday, I had received the mission; it is not rare, every criminal who entered the Devil's Gate receive; it is more like a task than a mission.

Every weak, one has to submit head of one Emperor Grade Grimm Monster, which I have to say is quite a task. This task alone would have killed quite a lot of people.

It may seem an easy task, but it is not; it exceedingly hard mission. For normal Emperors, even those with

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