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Chapter 1578 - Cage and Harvest

"Net Cage!" I said as I saw it running away.

A net of green fire burst out from the ground and formed a huge dome, confining its running figure immediately.


The Grimm Monster did not seem to think much about it as it went toward it without stopping as if believing it will be easily able to pass through it.


It crashed through the net of the dome and had to take steps back to avoid the embarrassing fall.

The repelling force surrounding it did not react as it had hoped when it crashed through the net cage.

The net is not an offensive method, even the fire covering it is not dangerous, and since there is no danger, the repelling force will not act.

I don't know how this idiot became an Emperor and still not know about the working of protection charms and amulets.

It looked at the fiery net in horror-stricken expression as reality had finally dawned upon it. Unless attacked, the repelling force of the amulet will not act.

It is imprisoned, and it will till it's the protection amulets powers are consumed, and as for it breaking it out of it, it is impossible for it; those are my vines that are blocking its way.

Only when it had something like attacking amulets which are very rare and act as repelling amulets, do will it have the chance of breaking through it.


I had just thought that when I heard its scream, only to see it is gathering strength to attack the net.

Bang Bang Bang

It started to attack the net, and what attacks they are. They are quite powerful; I had not thought even after burning its blood, it will able to produce such power, but it did.

It launched attack after attack, in every direction, from sides to up; it had even attacked the ground thinking there, but sadly, this cage of spherical in nature is equally protected below as it is above.

There is no way it is going to get out of the cage, and it seemed to know it as it begins to turn into more and more frenzies as time passed.

The protection amulet is not going to protect forever; soon, its protection will be gone.

Ten minutes passed by since its protection had activated, and now finally, the change could be seen in it. I had begun to turn pale, and each second it is turning paler and paler.

Within a minute, the protection will be gone, and it seemed to know as well as it had gone bat shit crazy, attacking anything and everything its eyes fell on while screaming like a mad.

I watched it all with great interest; it is emotionally charged up, which is great news for me; the more its emotions will boil, the greater chance I will have in awakening its Bloodline.

Finally, forty seconds later, the repelling force had disappeared. As It did, I moved my vines toward it; simultaneously, I felt a powerful aura burst out of it.

It begins to burn its core, as for why it did not do than before; it is likely because the protectio

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