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Chapter 1561 - Sam Duffy II

"Let's get this over with; I have to take a nap after this," He said, and the next second, green Fire covered him, and a moment later, the green Fire turned into green Inheritance Armor.

A Goblin Fire Inheritance

A quite powerful Inheritance, hidden in one of the ruines that the academy controls. It isn't easy to find that Inheritance, and even those who find it, did not have compatibility with it.

Only five to seven people in every century get this Goblin Fire Inheritance.

Seeing the Inheritance Armor appearing on his body, a peak Emperor aura blasted out of my body; the aura feels exactly like his but more powerful.

As the aura released from, green Fire came out me and covered me whole, this green Fire giving of same aura and flavor as Sam's, and a moment later, my body had exact green Inheritance Inheritance armors as his.

Seeing the green armor appear on my body, hate in his eyes burned brighter, and a green bastard sword appeared in his hand; at the same time similar bastard sword appeared in my right hand.

The green bastard sword in my hand is an artifact, but with my energy powering it and rules bending power doing its wonders, even tyrants will have a problem knowing it is an artifact, as I merged an incredible amount of Rule Bending power inside it in the past three months.

"Goblins Vengence," Sam shouted and came at me as green Fire lit across his sword, this attack might be uncountable to the normal Emperor, but to me, it is nothing.

"Goblins Vengence!" I shouted back with having the same voice and pitch as his, move toward him with the flaming green sword.

About four months ago, when the teacher said and asked to copy a real person, I accepted as it is the best cover and begin searching for the best candidate.

The candidate I choose had to have three qualities; first, he should be a man, the second, he should be at Emperor Stage, preferably at High or Peak level of Emperor the third has to his Inheritance should be easier to copy.

It did not matter whether his Inheritance is powerful or not; the only thing matter is that an easier copy means it should straightforward moves that could easily be recreated without complexity.

These three conditions may sound easy, but they are very hard that by the time we have gone through the details, only two fits criteria, and I immediately this Sam Duffy.

The reason for me choosing him because he is a criminal and he will be leaving for a very dangerous place, one-third of the criminals that go there did not return from that place, but those who able to return, have their criminal record erased, and they get admitted to elite armies of their organization.

Though these people's movements are restricted, and they are kept under close eyes, as long as they provide the necessary merit, which is huge by the way, they will be completely free.

The battle began, and I started to fight like it, c

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