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Chapter 1568 - Poison Master I

Now that the Ashlyn is out, it is time to hunt something; it had been quite a while since I had fought something challenging; I hope I will find something challenging.

'Ashlyn find me a good challenge," I asked Ashlyn; she bobbed her tiny little head and flew away at a surprising speed that even Emperor will have difficulty seeing.

With her gone, I had just had to wait, and soon, I will have the challenge I had been waiting for all these months.

Whether it is the monsters of the forest or the Grimm Monster I want to fight to harvest, I will have my challenge soon.

Chew Chew

Fifteen minutes later, Ashlyn returned, bringing the news of my challenge. 'Good Girl,' I said to her and disappeared from my spot; now that she had found the challenge, there is no need to take things slow.

I moved through the trees very fast, everything became a blur in front of my speed, and as I go deeper and deeper into the forest, I could feel the suppression and energy destabilizing waves are getting stronger slowly.

I let them all into me without creating even a shred of resistance; I want to be powerful; the more powerful they are, the more they will push me to improve, and that is why I have come here to a dangerous place, to improve.


I landed in front of the eight meters tall Grimm Monster, holding a beautiful green staff that had a glowing green gem on top of it.

It is Amethyst Armor Snakemen; only these bastards have natural crystal amethyst armor like this. Its Amethyst Armor is not only beautiful but also very powerful, especially when it merged with the power of its tribal Inheritance.

It is peak Emperor Stage Poison Master and a powerful one at that. It had natural field poison around him that would poison anyone who would enter ten meters of its stange.

The shrubs and grasses around him are already poisoned deeply; if any normal King puts their feet on them, they will die within seconds, that how powerful its poison is.

"Finally, someone came; this forest is so f.u.c.k.i.n.g big that I had to spend hours just to find some human," It muttered.

While coming here, I did not suppress my presence; it had sensed it, and despite that, it did not hide or run; it seemed quite capable of its abilities, like most special profession Grimm Monsters are.

"Human, I hope you are a little powerful; the last human I had fought was not even able to take a single attack of mine," it said and brought his armor down.


The ground shook as it brough down his staff fast and hard; as it did, the huge green gem shined brightly and released thick poisonous fog, which begins to turn all the shrubs and grasses into ashes.

The fog is spreading at the speed of lightning, and it will not take even a moment to reach me. Seeing that, I did not move but activated my Inheritance.

Instantly the Green Armor of Goblin Inheritance have completely covered me,

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