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Chapter 1556 - The Party I

Soon the evening approached, and we got ready for tonight's party; it will be a huge party, way bigger than the teachers' birthday, but this time, there will be no battle that is a little regretful.

I wished duals had been allowed, like the teachers' birthday; it would have helped me pass the time quite easily and not do the dreaded social interactions with the people.

At least my friends will be there, that's a good thing; ive not talked to some of them properly despite being in Orcoz City for a month; I hope they are staying few days; I would love to meet and talked to them.

Seeing it is time, I got from the bed freshened up before took out a newly tailored suit from the covers and wearing it. It fits perfectly with me; it is very fitting but not tight; wearing it, my average self begins to feel handsome.

After wearing the suit, I looked at myself for a couple of minutes before walking out of my room.

"Wow, Micheal, you look really good," Elina said, and as I appeared in the common room of the Mansion, nearly everybody is here, including Professor and Elina, and all of them looked very good.

Elina is wearing a flaming violet slit gown, a little scandalous in design, but it looked amazing on her, compared to her Professor is wearing a long backless gown which shows every curve of her perfectly.

"You look good as well; I am sure you are going to turn lots of heads today," I complimented her before greeting Professor and others.

Teacher was able to come; she wanted to, but she could not. She will be present at the party, though, through the projection like many important people.

Professor had said that even an old monster would be present at the party, which is extremely rare; it had been centuries since any old monster had attended after party of the World Championship.

This Championship was no ordinary World Championship; the Grimm Monster appeared in it, which had never happened ever since the Orcoz city is built, not for the participation of the host of the Abyssal Star Inheritance and me, the host of Celestial Inheritance.

"It is time; let's go!" Professor said a few minutes later; with that, we got up and walked out of the Mansion as we did; I saw a carriage in the Garden of the Mansion, attacked to four very beautiful white horses, Moon Dust Horses to be specific.

These Horses were big, twice bigger than the normal horses, but when one sees their level, they would seem like dwarfs. These Horses are not ordinary horse Monsters, they Tyrants, they may seem gentle and soothing, but they destroy the cities instantly.

These Horses are from the Professor's private collection; she had found them in ruin more than a year ago and brought them back; she had taken quite a risk doing that.

Bringing such powerful creatures from the Ruins is not only very expensive but also very risky; if these monsters released the smallest burst of power during the tr

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