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Chapter 1585 - Two Bloodlines I

Bloodline, the Bloodline is finally awakening; after a month of trying, I had nearly lost hope awakening the Bloodlines in Grimm Monsters; I had been just hoping to find the Grimm Monsters that had already had a Bloodline.

The Apeman started to awaken its Bloodline, seeing that I slowed down Apeman's harvesting and the other two.

I want Apeman's Bloodline to awaken completely and increase its power; that way, I will be able to harvest more power from it.

As for why I slowed down the harvesting on the other two, because I wanted to focus on Apeman, who is awakening its Bloodline.

Its Bloodline is awakening rapidly; it won't take long for it to awaken fully, and when it does, I am going to harvest it. It will be going to make my Runes very strong.

Seconds passed by, and its Bloodline had awakened more and more; I watched it with anticipation. I am not the only one that is waiting in anticipation; I could feel the reaction from my runes.

It is the second time my Inheritance runes had reacted on their own. The first time was when I was selecting my reward from the vault, and now it is the second time.

I had not used the thing I had gotten from the vault; I am going to use it during my level up to the Emperor Stage; that way, I will be able to get maximum benefits from whatever that thing is.


Finally, about thirty-five seconds later, the Bloodline had fully awakened, and it begins to enhance every part of its strength, raising its power explosively.

I watched with anticipation as its strength begins to rose explosively; My eyes begin to shine, seeing that, and I begin to hope, its strength rose more and more.

As for worrying it will get out, I am not worried. The reason is not because of the Hidden Being and Ashlyn but because I have full confidence in my vines' capabilities.

While it is true that the Bloodline awakened during the moment of crisis burst with tremendous power, but I am not afraid; my vines are more than capable of dealing any amount of strength it will burst out with.

Since the Championship, my vines had great change; they have not only become stronger with the Bloodline of the Werewolf they have consumed, but they had also gone through two small upgrades which made them even more powerful.

The Grimm Monster is growing strong as it did; I could feel it is resisting against the harvesting with the power of its Bloodline.

While it is true with I could not harvest the Bloodline; it is above my capabilities, I could harvest its essence just fine with some efforts, despite the resistance the Bloodline is putting.

The Hidden Being and Ashlyn had not reacted yet, but I know they will reacting soon; the Bloodline is still providing the power to Apeman; the moment it stopped, both of them would react.

Seconds passed by and bound Apeman begin to struggle more and more, but no matter what it does, it was not able to mov

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