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Chapter 1563 - Devil's Gate II

"Let's go," Sir Issack said and clasped my shoulder and took me out of the room; I did not resist when he used the heavy hand.

Whether I resisted or not, nothing had a matter in front of this Tyrants Strenth.

As we walked out of the door, we disappeared and appeared in front of a huge armored black airship which had 07 marked on it.

This airship is Pyramid's Prisoner Transport ship, one of the best in its class. Its defense is so strong that even Tyrant could not destroy without putting in time and effort.

Not to forget, there are three Tyrants on the ship that could deal with any threat that came in its way, and if there is a threat they can't deal with, they could always call for reinforcement, as long as they are in the Human territory, the reinforcement will come in an instant.

The door of the Armored airship is opened, and by it, a middle-aged woman raven-haired woman is standing, wearing the Pyramid's Prisons Departments' uniform.

"Warden Estelle, I will hand the shame of our organization to you," He said and gently pushed the grinning me toward Warden Estelle; she just gave me a look before looked at Sir Issac.

It feels quite weird to be called to be the shame of the organization, seeing for the past four months, I had been in the pride of the organization.

"Thank You, Sir Issac; we will safely transport your Prisoner to the Devil's Gate," she said, and Sir Issac nodded. In the next minutes, they completed the required formalities, and I went inside with the airship Warden Estelle.

She had enveloped me with thick energy, which feels like a cast of Iron; this energy cast did not give even tinies of moving space; she just covered me in her energy and took me inside.

As I entered inside, I saw small opaque glass rooms, and more than half of them, filled with criminals, seeing me coming, begin to shout and scream, but I did not hear any of them.


"You will get a meal twice a day and interface inside your box had books, read them if you are bored," Warden Estelle said in a bland voice and pushed me inside the cell unceremonious before locking the door with a click.

These cells may look like they are made of glass, but they are not; they are made of a powerful alloy that could not be destroyed by Emperors; only tyrants could do something to them.

As I entered the cell, the people in cells beside mine begin to move their hands in sign language; what they are trying to convey is very obscene and full of curses, so I showed them my middle finger and laid on the bed.

Since this airship is picking up Emperor Level Criminals from all close by organizations, it will take nearly a month to get there.

I will use this month to work on my Inheritance; in the past four months, I never had a chance to focus on Inheritance exclusively, but now I will have a whole month to completely focused on it, and in this time, I planned to make huge

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