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Chapter 1575 - Blood Burning I


I stopped its sword at the middle, not letting it get even an inch inside of my personal space.

"Try a little harder little Hyena," I said as its angry face had gotten even angrier hearing me.

"Good human, you have some spunk. I hope this spunk will not go away when I drain every drop of blood you have from your body," It said, and a bloody aura burst out of it.

"Blood Cuts!"

It said and attacked, a dark red layer of thickly covered its sword, and when I looked at it, I had a feeling that I am standing in the middle of a bloody battle and my side is losing.

The soul illusion is very powerful, and it would have been even more powerful.

If it had been a bloody battle, the blood of the enemy gives its Inheritance strength; it does not matter if the blood had been brought out by it or other; as long as it is the blood of the enemy, it will get stronger.

I have to be careful not to bleed too in this confrontation; the blood of energy makes it stronger.

My eyes cleared by illusion, and I moved my blade toward the coming sword.


Our swords clashed, and a huge amount of bloody energy came at me. This bloody energy is powerful, and it wants to lacerate my body apart to make my blood flow out like a river.

But just as Bloody energy touched my Armor, it immediately sucked by runes leaving behind nothing; the energy simply disappeared.

It also sensed its energy disappearing, and a frown appeared on its face, but it did not spend any time thinking about it; instead, it decided to attack with an even more powerful attack.

Clang Clang Clang

Our sword begins to clash at the blurring speed; if an Emperor sees it, they will only see the flash of green and red and powerful shockwaves released from our attacks which the trees would immediately absorb.

These trees are one of the main reasons why one could barely hear the sound of battle. They absorb not only the shockwave of the attacks but also absorb the sound of it.

If anyone is out of the five hundred meters radius of our battle, they would barely hear anything. If they are one kilometer out, they will hear nothing, nor they will sense anything.

If we had been fighting in the regular forest, we would have turned the thousands of trees into powder by the shockwave alone, and the sound of our battle would have been heard about for hundreds of kilometers.

Here there are barely five trees that have been destroyed, and they are not even destroyed filly. If we leave them as it is, it will not take them more than two months to grow to their former heights.

The whole Devil's Gate is strange, but I liked it very much. It gives huge privacy during the battle, and there are a lot of powerful challengers and things from which one could progress.

"Ribbons of Death!"

It said, and thousands of blood-red ribbons begin to materialize around us. These ribbons are long, and

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